How will we deliver the 2015-2018 priorities?

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Council priorities

Priority: Keep your neighbourhood clean and safe

Commitment: Providing neighbourhood officers who will work with the community to keep your streets clean

Launching later this year, our team of Neighbourhood Officers will work with ward councillors, communities and partners to help improve local residents’ quality of life. Dealing with issues locally they will help ensure that the area that you live in is clean and tidy.

Commitment: Establishing an anti-social behaviour team to help keep our streets feeling safe

As part of the new Neighbourhood Team, our anti-social behaviour officers will help put a stop to this issue. This includes everything from fly-tipping, graffiti, noise, nuisance and other offences.

Commitment: Continuing to collect your bins every week, providing a free bulky waste service and prosecuting fly-tippers

We collect over 220,000 refuse and recycling wheelie bins each week and will continue to provide a free bulky waste service to all residents. The night time fly-tipping clearance service will also continue to run and issue penalty notices or custodial sentences to those who litter.

Commitment: Delivering an anti-gangs programme in partnership with the police to provide our young people and their families with a positive future

Now in its fifth year, our ground-breaking Enough is Enough anti-gangs programme is in its second phase and will be completely reviewed and enhanced to ensure our financial investment continues to make our communities safer.

Commitment: Supporting our schools and colleges to provide top quality education and training across the borough

Our schools are now above national average in all key stages. By working with education providers we are investing in our schools and colleges to give our children and young people the skills required and the best chance for a bright future.

Commitment: Actively promoting a borough wide ‘spend local’ campaign to keep wealth in our borough and support local businesses

We’re continuing to encourage residents to spend locally on our high streets and support local, independent shops and companies in the borough. Over the coming years we will continue to champion local spending and drive economic growth in Waltham Forest through promoting local business.

Commitment: Working to improve our town centres so that they have the quality mix of shops and services that you want

We have successfully secured £500,000 for a new programme of high street improvements in South Leytonstone and secured £100,000 to help the Neighbourhood Forum in Higham’s Park start an improvement programme.

Commitment: Providing an investment fund for local businesses and services in our town centres

As we continue to focus on helping to build a strong local economy and improving our town centres, we will look for funding channels to help local companies grow and thrive.

Commitment: Delivering a private sector landlord licensing scheme which benefits tenants by improving standards and makes the area better for those who live around them

Launching later this year, the Private Rented Property Licensing scheme will benefit tenants by helping to reduce anti-social behaviour whilst aiming to improve housing standards within the private rental market.

This compulsory scheme will require landlords (or those working on their behalf) to apply for a licence for each privately rented property they own.

Commitment: Building new council homes for Waltham Forest residents in work

As a top concern for Waltham Forest, we are committed to building new housing for residents in work and for the first time in generations will be building a significant number of these homes ourselves.

Commitment: Encouraging new houses to be built where they can deliver prosperous communities with access to the local services and infrastructure they need

Some 8,000 new homes are planned over the next five years, half of which will be affordable. Whilst we will be building homes ourselves, we will continue to work with developers to ensure they too contribute the right type of housing.

Our commitment is to create sustainable and thriving communities. To d this we must make sure that all essential social and transport infrastructure is in place as new homes are built.

We are setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to build more homes and retain greater control over properties built by constructing them on land that we own. We have also submitted a proposal to the Mayor of London for a new Housing Zone in the Blackhorse Lane area.

Commitment: Building more specialist houses which allow older residents to stay in a home of their own with the support they need to be independent

Further to the completion of a development in Flaxen Road, Verdon Roe Court is scheduled to open this summer. There will be 37 one bed apartments providing 24-hour on-site personal support for residents who need extra care or some form of day-to-day help. A wide range of communal facilities and activities will also be offered.

Commitment: Freezing Council Tax until at least 2016 and continuing to fund the freedom pass scheme

As we know that families are struggling with increasing living costs we will again be freezing council tax in 2015-2016, for the sixth year running

Commitment: Providing young and older residents with a range of activities and support such as free swimming, holiday clubs and Christmas lunches

A range of activities are available to those under 18 and over 60 including half-term and Summer holiday activities and film clubs at libraries, free swimming at all leisure centres, tea dances, senior citizens Christmas

Commitment: Supporting an extensive arts and events programme for everyone, via the Council and in the community

Our year-round, free to attend events programme attracts thousands of local residents plus visitors from further afield. This year’s events include the Big Weekenders in Leyton, Leytonstone and Chingford, cultural celebrations, Walthamstow Garden Party, 5 November Fireworks and more.

Plus there is also free access to the William Morris Gallery and Vestry House Museum offering activities for all ages. A new outreach programme for older residents across the borough will also be introduced this year.

Commitment: Maintaining high quality parks, green spaces and affordable, modern leisure centres

Twelve play areas and six open spaces in the borough are set to be improved through a £1million investment. These include the refurbishment of a skate park in Leytonstone, the installation of a new artificial play surface in Highams Park, and the refurbishment of an outdoor gym in Chingford.