Housing policies and guidance


Our policies and strategies shape the decisions we make about housing in Waltham Forest. You can download these documents from the section below. 

Building for the Future (890KB PDF document)

Building for the Future describes how we are responding to the housing challenges that exist in Waltham Forest. 

We support the building of a wide range of homes in the borough, including affordable homes, to meet everyone’s needs. 

Read more about our council home building programme


Waltham Forest Housing Strategy 2008-2028 (670KB PDF document)

This strategy sets out our plans for housing until 2028.


Waltham Forest Local Plan

The Waltham Forest Local Plan (formerly the Local Development Framework) provides the planning policy framework for considering planning applications.


Older Persons' Housing Strategy 2015-20 (870KB PDF document)

This sets out the steps we will take to deliver more homes that are suitable for older people. It also shows how we will improve the current specialist older persons' housing in Waltham Forest. 

Older Persons' Housing Strategy Summary (986KB PDF document)


Waltham Forest's Tenancy Strategy and Tenancy Policy (280KB PDF document)

All Registered Housing Providers (RPs), including local authorities, must produce a tenancy policy which explains the types and lengths of tenancies they grant.

In addition to this, we publish a tenancy strategy which describes the overall objectives that all RPs with housing in the borough should consider in their own tenancy policies.

Contact details to find out about the tenancy policies of other housing providers (150KB Excel document)


Strategic Housing Market and Needs Assessment (5.7MB PDF document)

In July 2011, we commissioned a Strategic Housing Market and Needs Assessment (SHMNA) to provide an evidence base for the borough’s strategic approach to housing.

An updated SHMNA is being prepared and will be published here when it is complete.

Executive Summary (263KB PDF document)


Affordable Rent Guidance (135KB PDF document)

We have produced this guidance setting out the maximum levels of rent that should be charged on Affordable Rented homes.

The guidance is currently under review, and is also subject to national (government) policy on affordable housing. If you are an affordable housing developer, please contact the council's Strategic Housing Team at an early stage to agree rent levels.


Homelessness Strategy 2013-2018 (387KB PDF document)

Waltham Forest's Homelessness Strategy is published every five years.


Temporary Accommodation Policies

These policies set out how we acquire and allocate temporary accommodation for homeless households.

Temporary Accommodation Allocation policy (430KB PDF document)

Temporary Accommodation Acquisition policy (410KB PDF document)


Housing Allocation Scheme (960KB PDF document)

This policy explains how social housing is allocated in Waltham Forest and how to understand the priority that your housing application is given. Following consultation, this policy is currently under review and a new allocations scheme will be published later in 2017.

Housing Allocation Scheme appendices (650KB PDF document)