Housing growth

Row of terraced houses


Our aim is to build 12,000 new homes by 2020, creating great places to live and supporting the borough’s vibrant local economy.

Owner occupation of homes is decreasing and private rental is increasing in Waltham Forest, where the housing market reflects the wider London experience. Increasing housing supply is essential not only to meet the needs of people in the borough but also to encourage people to move here.

We are building positive working relationship with a range of developers and investors to design and deliver the highest quality new homes and neighbourhoods for our residents, where communities are mixed and balanced, promoting a new urbanism.

Read our full Economic Growth Strategy 2016-20 (pdf 902KB)

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Our key actions for realising this strategy are:

  1. Promote an approach to regeneration and growth in the borough which ensures that communities are mixed and balanced, and provide high quality places to live and work.
  2. Deliver housing growth in the Housing Zone at Blackhorse Lane in line with ambitious master plans and emerging creative industries.
  3. Achieve growth at Lea Bridge and Leyton that promotes a new urbanism, for these centres as great places to live, to do business and enjoy.
  4. Establish a Local Development Company to promote area based regeneration.
  5. Support innovative models of housing delivery such as self-build, live-work and co-operatives that will deliver combined housing and employment benefits.
  6. Update the Council’s planning policies and viability review mechanisms to capture new products such as starter homes, self-build, and private rented sector (PRS) and get the best contribution through planning negotiations, including achieving the Council’s ambition to deliver more affordable housing.