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COVID-19 update

During this period our housing inclusion and engagement team is only undertaking limited work in the community.

However, in line with the ambitions of our Resident Involvement Strategy, we are still communicating, engaging and involving residents and residents’ groups through digital channels. In this period we are:

  • Shifting to digital engagement with our resident panels through video conferencing; our STAR panel chaired by Cllr Louise Mitchell had its first virtual meeting in May.
  • Expanding the use of platforms such as basecamp to facilitate meetings for resident groups both formal and informal
  • Developing estate Whatsapp groups (If you’d like to set up a group or join one on your estate, you can text or call 077 1553 6865).
  • Providing digital training and equipment for our involved residents to continue our work
  • Communicating and updating residents regularly and routinely through e-news, emails and telephone contact

Volunteers for our newly created Building Safety Task Force also took part in training session webinars and their first meeting is being scheduled online. The Task Force will provide input on how residents can be involved in working with us to improve building safety.

We are planning to hold our very first digital Housing Forum. This bi-annual event is open to all our residents and is a popular and important gateway for us to communicate and meet with many of you.

We are currently recruiting for residents to join an Email ‘Resident Readers’ Group. This group will have a say in how the council communicates with residents and look at ways to gather feedback on existing resident communications.

If you would like to take part in this readers’ group or get involved in our wider engagement work please email engagement@walthamforest.gov.uk

Resident involvement strategy

The Inclusion and Engagement team have developed a new Resident Involvement Strategy (800KB PDF) through consultation with residents.
The strategy sets out five clear priorities that will support the delivery of excellent resident involvement:
  • Demonstrate the outcomes and value for money of involvement
  • Provide a wide range of involvement opportunities which give residents influence over local and strategic decision-making
  • Increase involvement and use of resident intelligence to drive service improvements
  • Make better use of technology for involvement
  • Provide training, capacity building and other support for both residents and staff
For each of these five priority areas the strategy sets out clear and measurable actions that will be undertaken to deliver and achieve these.

Housing forums are a great way for you to meet and discuss your views with members of Waltham Forest housing staff

Each forum is usually about a specific housing topic, and you can turn up without an appointment

They’re held every few months in the borough as well as an out of borough Forum in Billericay.

If you’re a resident with disabilities or a family member, you can discuss your views at the Disability Forum. The Disability Forum takes places immediately before one of the housing forums.

You’ll usually see posters in your estate and the forums will also be advertised in the Residents News but you can sign up to our mailing list by emailing engagement@walthamforest.gov.uk or calling us on 0208 496 4942.

Digital Workshop

Come along to any or all of our free workshops and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake while we answer your questions about all things digital.

Download the flyer

Download the March 2021 Housing Forum presentations (amended July 2021)

Annual Residents Day Click to get info

Residents Day is Waltham Forest Housing’s annual summer fun day, which all council tenants and leaseholders in the borough are invited to attend. The purpose of the day is to inform customers of new initiatives, secure customer views on existing services and changes they would like and to identify customer priorities. Stalls are on display from various housing teams, council departments and partner agencies, where residents can get advice and information about the services we provide. We also have a number of fun and informative activities available for people of all ages.

This is a group who are elected by their fellow residents to share the views of their estate/ neighbourhood with Waltham Forest Housing.

Why create an association?

  • you can be the voice for your estate
  • improve the sense of community well being
  • improve residents living conditions/ facilities
  • reduce antisocial behaviour
  • get direct contact with Waltham Forest Housing staff

How to form an association

You’ll need a minimum of three members to start as each association needs a chairperson, a vice chair and a secretary.

We can support you with:

  • free training opportunities
  • startup grant of £250 for stationary, publicity, postage, hall hire, refreshments, fares to meetings
  • discretionary grant funding up to £700 to enable you to hold activities / events in your area
  • annual insurance cover for your association

If you wish to set up an association, contact us today.

Email engagement@walthamforest.gov.uk

The Residents’ Complaints Panel (RCP) is made up of six Waltham Forest Housing (WFH) residents who aim to ensure WFH is learning from complaints and using feedback to improve services. The panel meet quarterly to review complaints performance and analyse data to highlight trends. The RCP is also working towards becoming a “designated tenants’ panel” and will give residents the opportunity to have their complaint considered by the RCP if they are not happy with the outcomes of the Councils internal complaints procedure.

Meeting minutes - Thursday 28 March 2019

Meeting minutes - Thursday 10 January 2019

Meeting minutes - Thursday 17 May 2018

Meeting minutes - Thursday 22 February 2018

Meeting minutes - Thursday 30 November 2017

Resident-Led Scrutiny Click to get info

In-depth reviews of council services carried out by trained local residents.

Resident scrutiny reviews are commissioned by the STAR Panel and trained residents can participate on a project by project basis depending on their interest in a particular area.

The scrutiny team makes formal recommendations which the STAR panel will take to the Housing Management Team. The Housing Management Team will produce an action plan based on the recommendations and progress is monitored by the STAR panel.

If you are interested in getting involved in a resident-led scrutiny review, please contact the Inclusion and Engagement team who will inform you of future training sessions.

Benefits of taking part in scrutiny

  • change and improve your neighbourhood
  • gain new skills and expand your CV
  • meet with the executive housing management during a scrutiny project and challenge them about the running of the service

This is a group set up by local residents to self-manage the maintenance/ cleaning/ rent collections of their estate.

To find out how you can manage your own block, contact us.

Email engagement@walthamforest.gov.uk

Resident Estate Inspector Click to get info

As an estate inspector, you can volunteer to accompany council staff on estate inspections.

This gives you the chance to show Waltham Forest Housing directly any maintenance issues with your estate.

To become your estate’s inspector contact, simply phone your local contract manager.

  • South area: Gary Riley 0777 902 3658
  • North area: Calvin Cadogan 0796 691 5225

If you are unsure what area your estate/street is based in, contact the inclusion and engagement team.

Email engagement@walthamforest.gov.uk

Surveys and focus groups Click to get info

Your feedback really does help make housing better in Waltham Forest.

We frequently do surveys and focus groups so you can tell us exactly what you think about the service you get.

To take part in a focus group email us today!

Email engagement@walthamforest.gov.uk

Contact Click to get info

If you have any questions about joining groups or want to know more, please get in touch.

Phone 0208 496 4942

Email engagement@walthamforest.gov.uk