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COVID-19 update

If you are a Leaseholder, Managing Agent or a Legal Representative of the Leaseholder and need to contact our home ownership team during this time please use our form.

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Please do not enter account numbers or other personal information in the description box.

Please confirm whether you are the Leaseholder or whether you are filling out this form on behalf of a Leaseholder.

If your enquiry is urgent, please contact us on 020 8496 3000.


The homeownership team can answer all your questions about being a leaseholder, charges and buying/ selling information.

As a leaseholder they can support you in the following areas

  • major works advice
  • selling your leasehold property
  • leasehold management
  • breakdowns of charges
  • lease extensions
  • permission requests

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Email Rtb.lease@walthamforest.gov.uk

Phone 0208 496 3000 -  ext: 4044 / 5208 / 5204 / 5206 / 5207