If you feel that you could soon be homeless, you need to act now to prevent it happening.

There are lots of services run by Waltham Forest Housing who can give you advice and  support to prevent you becoming homeless.

Problems paying your rent?

Speak to the Income Maximisation team today for professional housing advice and support with benefits. 

Apply for housing

Though housing in the borough is very limited, you can see your housing options on this page 

Find a new home

Waltham Forest Council’s lettings agency – Lettings Waltham Forest –  could assist you by providing a deposit guarantee or a home directly with a private landlord.

Download the Letting Waltham Forest information here

If you become homeless Click to get info

Should you find yourself having nowhere to live, contact us immediately.

Phone 020 8496 3000

Or visit

Housing Services
Cedar Wood House
2d Fulbourne Road 
E17 4GG

Public opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm

We can offer support to manage your situation, like debt, housing and benefit advice.

Depending on your circumstances, we could offer you emergency accommodation.

Temporary housing support Click to get info

If you’ve been placed in a temporary home and need help settling in, we can help you with any of the following:

  • applying for council tax support
  • applying for housing benefit
  • debt and money problems
  • registering for healthcare
  • education/finding work

Eligibility for assistance

You may be eligible for support if you: 

  • have dependent children
  • are pregnant                                           
  • have a mental illness or health condition                                           
  • are fleeing domestic violence
  • have a physical disability or illness                 
  • have a drug or alcohol problem                                   
  • have learning difficulties   

We can work with you for up to six months. 

Emergency accommodation Click to get info

If you need to be re-housed, please understand that most temporary accommodation is not in Waltham Forest.

These policies set out how Waltham Forest Council acquires and allocates temporary accommodation

If we place you in a temporary home outside the borough, there are a few things you’ll need to know:

  • your rent is your responsibility
  • you must register in your new borough for Council Tax  and apply there for Council Tax Support
  • you may need to re-register with a GP
  • you will need to find out where you nearest hospital is
  • your social care support will now come from the services in your new borough
  • you must apply for free school meals in your new borough
  • you must claim Job Seekers Allowance or Universal Credit at your new job centre 

If you’re registered with social services or a health care provider, you must tell them when you move to your temporary home.

If you have children you may need to:

  • register for school places
  • find your local children’s centre

Find your local authority
Find your local hospital and health care
Find your local children’s centre
Find your local school

Further information Click to get info


A UK charity who help people struggling with homelessness or bad housing through advice, support and legal services.

Homeless UK

Gives support and advice on accommodation and finding support services if you’re homeless or facing or at risk.

Waltham Forest Council homelessness strategy

Read our homelessness strategy document and action plans

Waltham Forest Homelessness Strategy, 2013 - 2018 (PDF 387KB)

Contact Click to get info

You or a professional representing you can email us.

Email Housing.Advice@walthamforest.gov.uk

We will respond in five working days.