Health and Wellbeing Board


Waltham Forest Health and Wellbeing Board was set up in 2013 and is a partnership between leaders from the health and care system, democratically elected members and patient representatives. The HWBB works with the Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group and public health team to help provide the right health services in the borough. The Board meets quarterly in public.

Duties of the Health and Wellbeing Board include:

  • To assess the needs of the population through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)
  • To promote joint commissioning and integrated provision, joining up social care, public health and NHS services with wider local authority services

All meeting papers and details for the Board are available here

For more information about the Health and Wellbeing Board please contact:

Zahra Jones 

Strategic Partnership Team Manager


The Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-20 (pdf 1.9 MB) sets out how we plan to deliver health services in the borough until 2020. This strategy will  improve health and reduce inequalities.

To do this, the strategy focuses on:

  • the best start in life: develop, thrive and achieve
  • healthy, longer, happy lives: prosperous, active and sustainable
  • thriving maturity and protected community: safe, supported and independent

The strategy has been produced by the council’s public health department and Waltham Forest CCG in partnership with the wider council and local residents.

Alcohol and drugs

Our ambition is to reduce the impact of problematic drug or alcohol use in our communities by working in partnership to offer quality prevention and early intervention services, especially for people who have complex needs. An Alcohol & Drug Strategy is in place for 2018-19 and visit our Resources to improve practice page to view our Bitesize guide, supporting professionals to have difficult conversations about alcohol use.

Better mental health for all

Our goal is to focus on creative multi-agency solutions that help individuals and families to identify and get help with issues with mental wellbeing early on to prevent more serious mental health problems developing. Strategies are in place for 2018-21 focused on both mental wellbeing and suicide prevention and visit our Resources to improve practice page to view our Bitesize guide supporting professionals to work with mental wellbeing.

Healthy living for all

Our aim is to improve prevention across a wide range of disease level and promote wellbeing at a population level. In the first year 2019-20 the group is focused on supporting action for healthy weight, especially the consequences of unhealthy weight, including developing a new, partnership Healthy Weight Strategy from 2020

Annual Reports Click to get info

Visit the main Strategic Partnership Boards page to view the most recent Health & Wellbeing annual report, in addition to our other annual reports.

If you require access to previous annual reports you can make a request by emailing

Visit the main Resources to improve practice page for more information and our range of multimedia resources.

Here are some links to the video made to explain the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Filmed in Waltham Forest, it features our residents and communities, and celebrates our borough and the people who live here.

Health and wellbeing in Waltham Forest (full version: 6 minutes, 43 seconds)

Health and wellbeing in Waltham Forest (short version: 1 minute, 8 seconds)