Health and safety at work: Advice and training


The council is responsible for carrying out routine inspection of commercial premises to ensure health and safety at work practices are followed, and may provide basic health and safety training courses.

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There’s information and advice for businesses about regulation and enforcement:

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These are the hazards that cause the most accidents or ill health amongst UK employees, and sometimes affect the public too.

  • Slips and trips
    Information on the most common cause of major injuries at work
  • Work related stress
    Information on why we need to tackle stress and the HSE definition of stress
  • Muscle and joint problems
    Information on Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) which affects over a million people a year
  • Workplace transport
    Information on the current advertising campaign, safety information and training issues and licensing
  • Falls from height
    Information on how this area is one of eight areas targeted to reduce injury rates in the workplace
  • Asbestos
    Frequently asked questions regarding statistics, including information on licensing and details of the HSE Asbestos Campaign
  • Health and Safety Executive Website

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Information and advice for businesses on training courses