Health and safety: Regulation and inspection


The council carries out regular checks on local businesses and business premises to ensure that safe and healthy working conditions are provided for all employees and visitors.

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In delivering our statutory functions of checking and ensuring businesses comply with the relevant legislation, we will act in accordance with the Regulators’ Code and our own enforcement policy. See our health and safety service standards.

The council is responsible for the enforcement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations in workplaces throughout the city. These include office based, retail or wholesale, warehousing, hotel and catering, sports or leisure, residential accommodation, excluding nursing homes, concerns with places of worship, pre-school child care, mobile catering and market stalls.

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The Health and Safety Executive deal with large factories and other industrial operations.

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Last year the food and safety team visited 502 businesses regarding work related health and safety issues.

The purpose of a health and safety visit is look for any serious hazards that may affect people’s health, safety and welfare that may arise from a work activity and ensure the risks from those hazards are adequately controlled. This includes risks to both employees and members of the public.

See what to expect when a Health and Safety inspector calls.


We follow the national ‘Enforcement Management Model’ and our own Health and Safety Protocol for deciding what enforcement is needed to tackle the very varied risks we find. Greater risks require more control, and blatantly breaking the law is more likely to lead to prosecution. Less serious breaches of the law are likely to be dealt with by verbal or written warnings, before moving to written legal notices and/or prosecution if the breaches continue.


The health and safety team also investigate complaints relating to health and safety matters within workplaces. Complaints about working conditions are always investigated sensitively and the complainant's confidentiality is assured.

Accident investigations

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations (RIDDOR) 1995 place a duty on employers to report certain accidents and incidents to the local authority. The local authority then investigates to find out what caused the accident and prevent it from happening again.

Accident investigations are sometimes carried out in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive or the Police.

Report an accident or incident

Initiatives and projects

The health and safety section works with others such as neighbouring local authorities, to find alternative ways to get health and safety messages across to employers and employees through initiatives, which make information clear and readily accessible. The initiatives are often based on campaigns being run by the Health and Safety Executive.

The council will keep information on any businesses that have been prosecuted for health and safety breaches.

We enforce trading, licensing and public health legislation covering all aspects of consumer protection issues, rogue traders and food premises. We also enforce anti-fraud legislation in relation to dishonest claims for benefit.

If businesses have been prosecuted for health and safety breaches, details will be on the Health and Safety Executive website.