GovTech Catalyst Challenge

Planning and building control

The GovTech Catalyst Challenge helps public sector bodies take advantage of new and emerging technology to address complex problems.

Following a successful bid to the fund, our challenge, “How might we accelerate the building of new housing using better geospatial information” was selected as one of the challenges for funding in the third round, and awarded up to £1.25 million to develop and pilot solutions.

In Phase 1, five potential projects will be selected to receive funding up to £50,000 each to cover research and development costs. The best of these could be awarded funding up to £500,000 in Phase 2 to turn these potential solutions into viable products or services.

The Challenge Process

Our Challenge

How might we accelerate the building of new housing using better geospatial information?

Waltham Forest is investigating how technology can be used to monitor developments of all sizes and types, building an accurate picture of development status from permission to completion and occupation.

The outcome should be solutions which create an accurate timeline of development. The developed tool will be tested to ensure it enables planners to make more informed decisions.
We are particularly encouraging applications that:

  • demonstrate how Waltham Forest can blend existing council owned datasets, such as Council Tax records, with other datasets such as postal address files to build an accurate timeline of development;
  • explore how to apply new technologies to the collection and analysis of data for monitoring, from satellite imaging to crowdsourcing and collaborative maintenance of data;
  • investigate how a system might assess the uncertainty present in various data sources and learn from interactions to increase the accuracy of key statistics and forecast estimated dates of completion;
  • will be tested and proven to work with planners.

Briefing event

We held a briefing event at TechUK on the 15 July 2019 to launch the challenge and inform potential suppliers.

The presentation is available to view below, along with sample datasets.

How to apply

The challenge is being run as an SBRI competition. Full information of how to apply is available on the Innovation Funding Service website.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact: