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Housing and disability forums

Housing forums are a great way for you to meet and discuss your views with members of Waltham Forest housing staff

Each forum is usually about a specific housing topic, and you can turn up without an appointment

They’re held every few months in the three areas of the borough (north, central, and south) as well as Billericay and Wickford.

Also, if you’re a resident with disabilities, there’s a forum for you to discuss your views, just before one of the housing forums.

You’ll usually see posters in your estate and the forums will also be advertised in the Residents’ News magazine.

If you’d like to find out when your next forum is or which area you live in, please contact us.



This is a group who are elected by their fellow residents to share the views of their estate/ neighbourhood with Waltham Forest Housing.

Why create an association?

  • you can be the voice for your estate
  • improve the sense of community well being
  • improve residents living conditions/ facilities
  • reduce antisocial behaviour
  • get direct contact with Waltham Forest Housing staff

How to form an association

You’ll need a minimum of three members to start as each association needs a chairperson, a vice chair and a secretary.

We can support you with:

  • free training opportunities
  • start up grant of £250 for stationary, publicity, postage, hall hire, refreshments, fares to meetings
  • discretionary grant funding up to £700 to enable you to hold activities / events in your area
  • annual insurance cover for your association

If you wish to set up an association, contact us today.


The resident scrutiny committee are trained local residents who carry out in-depth reviews of council services.

As part of the committee, you’ll get to make formal recommendations to the housing management team and performance panel.

The housing management team then produces an action plan based on the committee’s recommendations. This progress is monitored by the committee.

The group is chosen through a recruitment process and any council tenant or leaseholder can apply to be considered.

Benefits of joining the committee

  • change and improve your neighbourhood
  • gain new skills and expand your CV
  • meet with the executive housing management during a scrutiny project and challenge them about the running of the service

How to join the resident scrutiny committee

If you would like to be considered, please fill out this application form and return it.

Write to

Inclusion and engagement team (housing services)
Cedar Wood House
2D Fulbourne Road
E17 4GG


You can’t join the resident scrutiny committee if you’re

  • a board member of another housing organisation
  • an existing or potential Waltham Forest Housing business partner
  • employed by Waltham Forest Housing

This is a group set up by local residents to self-manage the maintenance/ cleaning/ rent collections of their estate.

To find out how you can manage your own block contact us.


Estate inspector Click to get info

As an estate inspector, you can volunteer to accompany council staff on estate inspections.

This gives you the chance to show Waltham Forest Housing directly any maintenance issues with your estate.

To become your estate’s inspector contact, simply phone your local contract manager.

  • South area: Gary Riley 0777 902 3658
  • Central area: Calvin Cadogan 0796 691 5225
  • North area: James Vincent 0773 028 9192

If you are unsure what area your estate/street is based in, contact the inclusion and engagement team.


Join a focus group Click to get info

Your feedback really does help make housing better in Waltham Forest.

We frequently do surveys and focus groups so you can tell us exactly what you think about the service you get.

To take part in a focus group email us today


Tenants’ council Click to get info

Meets directly with the council every six weeks to scrutinise, consult and challenge the council on all housing matters on behalf of residents. Any Waltham Forest Housing tenant or leaseholder can join the tenants’ council.

Contact Click to get info

If you have any questions about joining groups or want to know more, please get in touch.

Phone 0208 496 4942