Gas servicing


Your gas appliances need to be serviced once a year to insure you’re safe.

Why you need to do it Click to get info

Unchecked gas appliances have an increased chance of carbon monoxide leaks.  Carbon monoxide can kill you, and you won’t smell it or hear it.

So for your own safety, annual safety checks are carried out every year.

It’s a legal requirement for us to do these, and it’s part of your tenancy agreement to give us access.

If you don’t, we will go to court to get a warrant of entry to your property.  You may be charged for this.

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We’ll write to you, 28 days (and again seven days) before your inspection arranging an appointment.

Then all you need to do is give a Gas Safe certified engineer access to your house for 45 minutes.

If you can’t be in at that arranged time, please let us know as soon as possible on 0203 3058 0531/ 020 3051 3653 to arrange another date.

Not had a gas service in the past year?

If no one’s contacted you about gas servicing in the past 12 months, contact us immediately on 0203 3058 0531/ 020 3051 3653 today to arrange one.

Do not contact us – instead contact National Gas emergency service on 0800 111 999 (24 hours a day)

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Phone: 020 8017 8358 if you live in the north of the borough or 020 8017 2281 if you live in the south.