Gallery of Shame

6 February 2020
Successes and appeals from Team Waltham Forest

Our enforcement teams and neighbourhood officers work to keep residents and visitors to Waltham Forest safe and our borough clean and tidy. On this page we will share some of our successes prosecuting rogue traders, fly tippers, and unsafe food businesses as well as appeals for information about those caught on camera in the act of fly tipping.

You can report fly tipping, fly posting, and dog fouling direct to our crews for swift clearance using our online chatbot  on Twitter.

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Nisa’s Homemade Recipes Ltd

Nisa’s Homemade Recipes Ltd, at Leyton Business Centre, Etloe Road, supplied kebabs, spring rolls, and samosas to restaurants, caterers, and convenience stores across London and beyond. It was closed on March 20, 2019 after the officers from Waltham Forest Council found flagrant breaches of food hygiene laws during a routine inspection.

On one sticky trap they found at least six mice in varying states of decay along with dozens of flies. There was also evidence of rats. After a hearing on Monday 9 August 2021, Thames Magistrates Court fined the defendant £5,000 for two offences, plus a £120 victim surcharge, and £1,855.66 in costs to be paid in full by October 1 2021.


Dead mice in Nisa kitchen
Dead mice in Nisa kitchen


Dead mice in Nisa kitchen
Dead mice in Nisa kitchen

Dera Original Ltd

On Monday 9 August 2021, Thames Magistrates fined Dera Original Ltd (which has since changed its name to Popeyez Peri Peri), 357 High Road, Leyton, £5,000 for lack of cleanliness and £2,000 for a pest control offence with costs of £2,242.26 and victim surcharge of £120 after environmental health officers found a severe cockroach infestation with the insects and their eggs behind the wallpaper in the serving area during an inspection in May 2019.

Dera cockroach.jpg

Cockroaches in Dera kitchen
Cockroaches in Dera kitchen

Bollywoods Chingford

Closed for poor cleanliness and inadequate pest control in February 2020. The restaurant was fined £9,000 (£4,500 each for two offences) and ordered to pay costs of £1,795.44, plus a £190 victim surcharge at a hearing at Thames Magistrates Court on Monday 23 August 2021. The director was fined £916 and ordered to pay a £92 surcharge.