Gallery of Shame

6 February 2020


Successes and appeals from Team Waltham Forest

Our enforcement teams and neighbourhood officers work to keep residents and visitors to Waltham Forest safe and our borough clean and tidy. On this page we will share some of our successes prosecuting rogue traders, fly tippers, and unsafe food businesses as well as appeals for information about those caught on camera in the act of fly tipping.

You can report fly tipping, fly posting, and dog fouling direct to our crews for swift clearance using our online chatbot  on Twitter.

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Bengal Curry House

At Bengal Curry House, 24 St James Street, Walthamstow, E17 7PF, officers found evidence of a rat infestation and nothing done to control the problem. They also found poor standards of cleaning, with the cooker, fryer and extraction fans dripping with grease. It was closed on February 10. At a court hearing its owners were ordered to pay costs of £1,009.

Eniola Enterprises

An inspection at Eniola Enterprises, Unit 21, Forest Business Park, Leyton, E10 7FB, in February 2021 found a dead pigeon, mice droppings in the packaging and storage areas, no cleaning measures in place, and the warehouse dirty. At a court hearing its owners were told to pay costs of £1,110.50.

Phoenix Chinese Takeaway

Environmental health officers closed the Phoenix Chinese Takeaway, 278 Higham Hill Road, Walthamstow, E17 5RG, following reports of a rat being seen in the waiting area by a customer. The business was closed in February 2021 after an inspection revealed a well-established mouse infestation and the premises was filthy. Thames Magistrates' Court ordered the owners to pay the full costs of £922.

Flour Power Ltd.

Flour Power Ltd., trading as Harvest Bakehouse, on Argall Avenue, Leyton, was visited after a tip-off in March 2021. Officers encountered filthy surfaces and mouldy walls, with the only water on the premises coming from a basin in the toilet. The inspection also uncovered three separate infestations including two dead mice and mouse droppings in a chewed bag of flour; fruit flies over baskets, surfaces, and cloths; and moths in flour containers. Magistrates awarded the council full costs of £1,038.

Oriental Kitchen

Oriental Kitchen, in Market Parade, Forest Road, a Chinese take-away restaurant was closed due to an active mouse infestation, a lack of routine cleaning resulting in a serious accumulation of filth that could have contaminated food. Thames Magistrates ordered the owners pay full costs of £1,096 to the council.

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Quick Skips Ltd

Skip company Quick Skips Ltd. was fined for leaving builder’s skip on the highway without permission, which makes life difficult for other road users.