Fellowship Square fountain

16 August 2021
Fellowship Square fountain

We want everyone to enjoy the fountain at the heart of Fellowship Square and hope to create a welcoming, safe and fun space for our residents and visitors!

The fountain will be on between 9am – 7pm and will feature a range of jets, lights and music throughout the day. We aim to ensure that the fountain is on regularly every hour so if you are just popping in to enjoy a coffee or are here for an event then you will be able to enjoy a show!

There are a few circumstances where we may have to delay a fountain performance or temporarily turn it off to help keep everyone safe and the fountain running well. These include:

  • High winds
  • Heavy rain
  • Maintenance
  • Events which may mean we have a special schedule in place
  • If we become too busy to make it a safe experience for everyone!

We will always post on social media if this happens, or you can check the chalk boards on the square for the latest updates.

A few things to bear in mind during a visit to the Fellowship Fountain:

  • Please keep your dogs on a short lead and out of the water
  • We ask that everyone enjoying the fountain wears either clothes, swimming costumes or swim nappies
  • Children remain the responsibility of the parent, carer or guardian at all times
  • Please keep cycles, skateboards and scooters away from the fountain

Play joyfully in the fountain, relax in the Square, enjoy the moment and help us keep it a safe and clean space for everyone.