Equipment to help with daily living

Benefits and money advice

If you have substantial difficulties carrying out everyday tasks, we can provide advice and may be able to provide equipment and small adaptations to help you stay independent in your home.

How to get equipment

You will need an assessment by an occupational therapist to be eligible for equipment or adaptations to be provided free of charge.

Download and complete a Disability Referral Form (136KB Word file) and return to:

Access and Assessment Team
Willow House
869 Forest Road
E17 4UH

Phone: 020 8496 3000

Small items of equipment to help you, for example, move around the house, get in and out of a chair or help you prepare food in the kitchen can be bought by yourself without having to wait for an occupational therapy assessment.

If you are eligible for state-funded equipment, you'll be given a prescription which you can exchange for equipment at a local accredited retailer. Further information will be given by your prescriber.

More complex equipment such as profiling beds and hoists, are provided on loan if recommended by an occupational therapist or other health professional. The equipment will be delivered to your home with us retaining responsibility for them.

Using your prescription Click to get info

Your prescription is valid for 28 days from the date of issue, so it’s important that you use it within this time frame.

When you’re given your prescription you’ll be provided with a list of accredited retailers in Waltham Forest.

These are local shops and pharmacies that have been trained to provide and demonstrate a range of equipment. They can give advice on how equipment can help you.

You can call before visiting them to check that what you need is in stock. You can also check how quickly they can get your item and whether they can deliver.

If you’re unable to collect your equipment then a relative, carer or friend can do this for you.

If the assessor determines that you’re unable to collect your equipment and there is no one else who can go on for you, then they’ll discuss alternative options with you

The advice and assessment is free.

If you’re eligible for social care funding the equipment will be free of charge and normally on loan. If you decide to upgrade to a different colour or model however, you’ll have to pay the additional cost to the retailer. This is called a ‘top-up’.

You can't exchange your prescription for equipment that has not been prescribed.

If you’re not eligible for social care funding, you can find equipment sellers on the Internet who can help you.

Fitting equipment Click to get info

How your equipment is fitted and maintained depends on the type of equipment you have.

Simple aids

You will have to arrange installation yourself. At the time of your assessment the assessor will advise you on the best place to fix the equipment.

We advise that you use a handyman service to help you. If you, a family member or another person intends to fit the equipment, please adhere to the instructions that come with it.

If you live alone and have no one to assist you with collecting or fitting of the equipment, please speak to your prescriber to discuss solutions.

Complex aids

Fitting and maintenance is carried out by our community equipment service provider, Medequip. You can email them at

You are responsible for looking after all equipment that is prescribed to you.

Change in circumstances Click to get info

If your needs change or your equipment is not helping you to manage at home, please contact Waltham Forest Direct for social care on 020 8496 3000.

Faulty equipment Click to get info

What to do if your equipment develops a fault.

Simple aids

If you bought the equipment: please take this up with the shop or supplier you got the equipment from.

If we supplied the equipment: please contact 020 8496 3000 for a repair or replacement.

If the equipment is no longer in good condition due to wear and tear and it's no longer in use, please dispose of it safely.

Complex aids

If your equipment is faulty, contact 020 8709 7050 (or out of hours 020 8573 2871) for a repair or replacement.

Alternatively, you can email Medequip at or fax them on 020 8551 2900.