Enforcement evening targets envirocrime

7 September 2017


Fly-tippers who litter borough streets, parks and neighbourhoods have been warned that they are Waltham Forest’s Public Enemy Number One as the Leader and Deputy Leader, Cllrs Clare Coghill and Clyde Loakes, joined new night-time neighbourhood enforcement teams on Thursday 31 August.

The councillors toured Walthamstow and Leytonstone with the crews looking out for fly-tipping, dumped household goods and litter problem areas. If any dumped waste contains information that could lead to a culprit being identified, such as a business name or address, they can expect to receive a fine of £80 for littering or £400 for fly-tipping.

Cllr Clare Coghill said: “Touring Walthamstow with our Service Store team was a real eye-opener. I was shocked at some of the items that had been dumped – but so proud to see the hard work of the three crews who collect nearly a tonne of rubbish each on an average evening. That’s an amazing effort.

“The crews are out getting their hands dirty keeping our streets clean at a time when most of us are normally tucked up in bed. There are now officers out 24 hours a day helping the anti-litter effort. I know that everyone in the borough will join me in saying a huge thank you to them for all their hard work.”

The night-time neighbourhood enforcement teams work from 10pm through to 5am Monday to Friday keeping our streets clean. Since they began work in July, over 90 tonnes of rubbish has been removed from borough streets – that’s around three-and-half tonnes per evening. The Neighbourhood Officers have issued 63 FPNs for fly-tipping and 192 for littering, resulting in over £40,000 of fines. Civil Enforcement Officers collected another £19,000 in fines, a total of nearly £60,000 that pays for the service, so that it does not cost the council or residents.

Cllr Clyde Loakes searches a dumped bag of rubbish looking to find evidence to identify culprit


Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:  “Tackling fly-tipping and litter on our streets is one of the most important priorities for the council. Our residents have a right to enjoy clean, safe and tidy neighbourhoods that they and their families can enjoy and feel proud of.

“We will not tolerate fly-tipping and littering. Our message to those who think such behaviour is acceptable is clear: it is not, and we will make every  effort to find you and penalise you to the full extent of the law for dumping your waste in our wonderful borough.”

Residents can book a free bulky household waste collection for up to 5 items on the Waltham Forest Council website here.  The Service Store team can be booked to remove additional bulky household waste, including mattresses and white goods, and can also help you to find a gardener or handyman  as well as pest removal. Find out more about the Service Store and how to book and pay for the range of services they offer here.

Cllr Clare Coghill with the Service Store night-time enforcement team ready to head out and keep Waltham Forest streets clean