Employment and skills

Jobs and training


Our aim is to ensure that local people have the skills and ability to capture the opportunities of growth and to access high-quality employment in the borough and across London.

If employment growth continues at its current rate, then it is estimated that by 2020 there will be an additional 26,000 jobs in the borough.

The borough will support specialist initiatives that enhance the skills of local people, by providing specialist training in the creative, construction and urban services growth sectors, so they can benefit from these new employment opportunities.

Read our full Economic Growth Strategy 2016-20 (pdf 902KB)

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Our key actions for realising this strategy are:

  1. Establish an Employment and Skills Partnership Board.
  2. Set up a new apprenticeship partnership for the borough that works with businesses to increase the number of apprenticeship places and monitors their success.
  3. Develop clear pathways for residents to access training and skills development to enable them to access high quality employment, with a broad range of skills levels, but a good level of pay and working conditions.
  4. Promote employment, training programmes and sector based initiatives in the growth of skills to support creative, construction and urban services.
  5. Promote the London Living Wage and support businesses to become better employers who pay the London Living Wage, support apprentices and provide training and career progression.
  6. Develop the Adult Learning Service to provide targeted training and skills development in existing, new and emerging sectors of the local economy.
  7. Develop enhanced planning policy and skills negotiations regarding local employment and training from developments.
  8. Maximise job opportunities for local people through procurement processes.