Electric vehicle charging points


Electric vehicle charging points

Electric vehicles  

Waltham Forest is dedicated to enabling people to convert to zero emission vehicles to help reduce transport related emissions and to promote more sustainable forms of transport.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have no tailpipe emissions and therefore can contribute significantly to improving air quality. Air pollution has been described a ‘public health emergency’ by the World Health Organisation and the principal cause in London is road transport.

Residents and businesses are already requesting this infrastructure and we have developed an Electric Vehicle Charging Point strategy to meet these requests.

Please tell us whether you’d like to see more charge points in your area by completing the following survey.

New charge points launched in summer 2018

24 new electric vehicle charging points have been installed across the borough. Working with the council, Chargemaster installed fast dual 7kW fast chargers, capable of fully charging a car in three to four hours, at ten locations in Chingford, Highams Park, Walthamstow and Leytonstone. The new charge points are on the POLAR network:


No. of charging points

Type of charging point

Station Road, Chingford

On the north side of the road, between Stanley Road and Willow Street


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Old Church Rd, Chingford

On the west side of the road, between Albert Crescent and Templeton Avenue


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Winchester Road, Highams Park

On the east side of the road, between Selwyn Avenue and Cavendish Road


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Bedford Road Car Park, Walthamstow

To the right of the entrance, nearest Bedford Road


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Winns Terrace, Walthamstow

On the east, park side of the road near Forest Road


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Edward Road, Walthamstow

On the east side of the road, between Cornwallis Road and Courtenay Road


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Church Hill , Walthamstow

On the north side of the road, between West Ave Road and Stainforth Road


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Orford Road, Walthamstow

Adjacent to Trelawny Close


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Kirkdale Road, Leytonstone

On the south east side of the road, opposite Kirkdale House


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Harvey Road, Leytonstone

On the south side of the road, nearest High Road Leytonstone


7kW – Chargemaster POLAR

Location of points​

The location of charge points currently in Waltham Forest can be found on the Waltham Forest Living Map and on Zap Map.

For specific location details see below:


Number of Charge Points

Type of Charge Point

Whipps Cross Hospital
In ‘car park number 1’, close to the hospital main entrance, Whipps Cross roundabout end of the site.


1 x standard 7kWh; 1 x slow 3kWh – Source London

Leyton Mills Asda 
In car park on the left hand side as you face the main entrance. 


Slow 3kWh – Chargemaster/Polar

Walthamstow Central station car park - In car park at the corner closest to the tube station and Overground lines.


2 x standard 7kWh – Chargemaster/Polar; 10 x slow 2.9kWh – Rolec (tokens needed)

Chingford Station – just outside the main station building



Leytonstone station North West car park – next to vehicle entrance to TfL car park


Rapid charger 50 kWh, ESB, PAYG available

Feel Good Centre, Walthamstow – On the first row of parking nearest the vehicle entrance


Slow charger, 3kWh – tokens must be purchased from the Feel Good Centre

We are working to provide more on-street electric vehicle charge points in collaboration with various public funding streams and operators.  If you have any further queries please contact us.

Get involved

Please tell us whether you’d like to see more charge points in your area by completing the following survey.

This survey will help us to get a better understanding of the demand for charge points throughout the borough. This will help us to plan the next charging locations and help to demonstrate demand when seeking funding.

Charge Points

All charge points on the highway would have a dedicated bay that can only be used by electric vehicles that are plugged into the charge point.

There are three types of EV charger:

  • Slow chargers – up to 3kW, take 6-8 hours to fully charge. Best for overnight charging on residential streets. Can be on the same charge point as a fast charger.
  • Fast/Standard chargers – 7–22kW, take 3-4 hours to fully charge. Now commonly being put both on residential streets, sometimes combined with slow chargers, and in commercial settings.
  • Rapid chargers – 43–50kW, provides 80% of charge in around 30 minutes. Suitable for commercial settings such as public car parks with short-stay car parking.

Cost to use charge points

Charges for electricity at electric vehicle charging points varies – some are still free but the newer charge points will charge according to their network. EVs are still considerably cheaper to run than petrol or diesel vehicles.

Currently, standard parking fees are charged at Blackhorse Road and at Whipps Cross. Parking on-street, at Leyton Asda and at Bedford Road car park is free.

How to use them

Electric vehicle drivers who are members of the Polar Network (operated by Chargemaster) or Source London and hold a valid access tag and cable can charge their vehicles, often for free, although parking charges may apply.

Chargemaster’s POLAR Network is the UK’s largest public charging network, and users will be able to charge their vehicles by using a simple RFID card with a monthly payment, or on a pay-as-you-go basis via the Polar Instant app.

Source London members are charged a flat fee membership. Any vehicle that is licensed with the DVLA as a pure electric or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle can join the scheme. This includes motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks and scooters.


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Policy background

The introduction of Electric Vehicles supports many of the Council’s policy objectives including the new Air Quality Action Plan and the Sustainable Community Strategy. It also meets the Mayor of London’s aims under his Air Quality Management Strategy.

There is a clear need for charge points - data shows that over 177 electric vehicles are registered in the borough and TfL’s delivery plan predicts that this could increase to 6,500 by 2025. The Mayor has also pledged that almost all cars and vans are to be zero emission by 2050. As the majority of homes in the borough do not have access to off-street parking, a substantial number of on-street electric charging points are required to support this uptake. We have developed an Electric Vehicle Charging Point strategy to meet these requests.

Waltham Forest recognises that EVs are not the only solution, and they still produce some air pollutants caused by brake-wear. Therefore the rollout of EV charge points forms part of a wider move towards more sustainable transport.


The benefits of electric vehicles include:

  • Cleaner – improving air quality and reducing local air pollution for example NO2 and particulates. Some 63% of NO2 in London and 52% of particulates come from transport.
  • Quieter – minimal engine and transmission noise.
  • Climate change - Transport is responsible for 21% of CO2 emissions in London about three-quarters of which come from road transport. If electric vehicles were powered by renewably sourced/green tariff electricity then electric vehicles will help combat climate change.
  • Energy security – reduces dependence on imported oil.

More information can be found on the energy saving trust website 

Government funding

The government is currently offering a plug-in vehicle grant which is available through car dealerships and manufacturers. More information can be found on GOV.UK

If you have off-street parking at your home then you may be eligible for government funding to install a charge point. There is also government funding available to support installation of electric vehicle charge points at workplaces. More information can be found on GOV.UK