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Introduction to the Health and Wellbeing Service

At some time, in most people’s lives, they will experience challenges that can affect their health and well-being. A bereavement, marriage break up, job loss or ill-health, are some examples that can impact on our health and wellbeing, causing things like, low mood, anxiety, unhealthy eating, lack of motivation and relationship conflict. The Health and Wellbeing Service aims to get involved at an early stage when difficulties start to arise, to get support in place quickly and prevent things from getting worse. Our goal is to keep people safe, well, connected, resilient and independent, by supporting people to support themselves, through a Link Worker.

The Health and Wellbeing Link Workers are there to support people get their life back on track. Wanting things to be better and different is sometimes easier said than done. Having a professional Link Worker that you can talk to, that will help you to identify what you want to get out of life, can make all the difference in enabling you to achieve your goals.

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A Health and Wellbeing Link Work will get to know you, they will ask you questions and listen to you. They will work with you to understand what’s important to you, help you identify and develop your strengths, skills, talents, and abilities and find the solutions that are right for you, with the aim that you will be able to seek support from your local connections, networks and community when the going gets tough.

They will regularly review how things are going and if they need to do things differently, to ensure you achieve your goals. You may start to see things improve very quickly but sometimes it may take a bit longer. We can work with you for up to a year, to support you achieve your goals.

The support can involve helping you to:

  • identify your personal strengths, goals and needs
  • access information, advice, and support
  • build your own support network
  • find practical ways to resolve problems

help you be involved and part of your community

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The service is for anyone aged over 18 and living in Waltham Forest and maybe experiencing a range of needs and issues, such as, money problems, feeling isolated, unemployment, ill-health, low mood, and addictions.

You can email the team directly: healthandwellbeing@walthamforest.gov.uk and one of the Team Leaders will get back to you to discuss how we can support you.