Doing business with the council


We buy goods, works, and services from a wide range of providers. We award contracts to organisations that can meet our requirements and standards. Contracts can range from small, one-off purchases up to multi-million pound contracts lasting several years.

Guidance on bidding for Council contracts

The Councils Doing Business With Us document provides guidance on doing business with London Borough of Waltham Forest and London Borough of Redbridge.

These guidance notes:

  • explain to businesses including suppliers of goods, works or services how the council procures what it needs
  • allow businesses to get greater access to sell their goods, works and services
  • encourage businesses to compete for our contracts

Please note that we are unable to respond to marketing correspondence or unsolicited sales 

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We use an e-tendering system called 'ProContract’ to source quotes and tenders for contracts worth more than £10,000.


Benefits to suppliers include:

  • quick registration on a London portal
  • alerts of new opportunities
  • view all of our tenders and contracts
  • a free system to use with online help and guidance
  • access to circa 20 other London boroughs opportunities

So, to make sure that you can bid for work with us and 20 London boroughs, please register your company.

Contract opportunities are advertised on London Tenders Portal and Contracts Finder.

Contracts with a value above the Public Contracts Regulations thresholds are advertised on Find a Tender Service.

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You can find details of all of our contracts worth more than £5,000 on the London Tenders Portal.

We want to make sure we have a positive impact on the local economy, environment and socially through our contracts. 

We are keen to make sure we use our contracts to create opportunities and benefits for the local economy, for example employment, apprentices etc.  

Supplier Charter
Waltham Forest promotes fairness and diversity in its supply chain and welcomes the opportunity to work with suppliers who align with our values and principles. The Council’s Supplier Charter highlights our main expectations of organisations doing business with the Council.

Procurement Policy

The Council’s Procurement Policy together with the Procurement Strategy and Sustainable Procurement Policy support the priorities of the Council’s Corporate Strategy.

We have established a Dynamic Purchasing System (‘DPS’) for Specialist Professional Services (‘SPS’), which is used to procure a range of consultancy services for which payments are made upon the delivery of outcomes and key milestones.

What is a DPS?

  • A Dynamic Purchasing System is a completely electronic system established by a public sector buyer to purchase commonly used goods, works or services.
  • As a procurement tool, it is similar to a framework agreement. However, unlike framework agreements, businesses looking to supply services can apply to join at any time in the life of the DPS and are not required to submit complicated tenders to do so.
  • Suppliers can apply to join a DPS by completing an enrolment form (further information provided below). These are evaluated on a pass/fail basis and applicants are required to meet certain minimum standards of financial and technical standing. Unsuccessful applicants are able to reapply at a later date should they wish to do so.

Types of consultancy does the DPS cover

The DPS for Specialist Professional Services covers four ‘specialisms’, each of which are divided into various ‘categories’ which the Council procures services under. A list of specialisms and categories can be found below.

When applying to join a DPS, applicants can apply to join one or more categories (there is no limit on the number of categories that can be joined). Suppliers can also apply to join additional categories throughout the lifetime of the DPS.



  • 1. Business Strategy and Transformation
  • 2. Governance and Policy
  • 3. Finance and Audit
  • 4. Procurement and Sourcing 
  • 5. Human Resources and Organisational Development 
  • 6. Legal Services
  • 7. Information and Communication Technologies 
  • 8. Project and Programme Management 

Social Care, Health and Education

  • 9. Social Care: Adults and Children 
  • 10. Education
  • 11. Public Health and Wellbeing

Environmental and Infrastructure Related

  • 12. Environmental and Waste
  • 13. Sustainability and Regeneration
  • 14. Leisure, Culture and Heritage
  • 15. Highways, Transport and Infrastructure

Promotion and Engagement

  • 16. Community and Engagement 
  • 17. Marketing, Media, Advertising and Research

Construction, Property and Housing Related

  • 18. Property, Asset and Facilities Management 
  • 19. Housing 
  • 20. Construction and Capital Projects 

Benefits to suppliers

  • One simple enrolment process
  • Once enrolled, suppliers can submit offers within any of their chosen specialisms/categories
  • Opportunities for SMEs to grow their businesses

Apply to join the DPS

Join the suppliers register

To apply to join the DPS, suppliers are required to complete a registration process through the Council’s DPS system AdamProcure. The registration process requires suppliers to complete an online enrolment form and submit a number of documents such as:

  • Insurance certificates
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Business Continuity Plans

Who do I contact?

If you have any questions about the Specialist Professional Services DPS, please contact the Procurement team:

The Council is introducing Early Payment Discounting for suppliers over the summer/autumn 2021. Eligible suppliers will be invited to register to a new platform provided by Taulia, where they will be able to view their invoices and accelerate payments, in return for a discount to the Council.

After activating their account on the Taulia platform, suppliers can choose from getting single or all invoices paid early. They will be able to view their invoices, and where they are in the process.

The early payment option will offer suppliers improved control of their liquidity, as well as more accurate cash-flow forecasting. Features of the portal include:

  • Visibility of all approved invoices 24/7
  • An early payment option for approved invoices - discounted at competitive rates
  • Accurate cash-flow forecasting - provides full visibility of when invoices are available for payment.

Suppliers can view further information on the Taulia portal, through Taulia marketing materials, or by contacting

The programme will not be accessible to local suppliers who are already on shorter payment terms.