Dirty front gardens

Waste Collection Services


It's our responsibility to make sure that dirty front gardens don't cause a nuisance or a hazard in the neighbourhood.

If you see a dirty front garden that's causing a problem, please report it to us.

Report a dirty front garden

What counts as a dirty front garden?

We define a dirty front garden as one which is so overgrown, or contains rubbish that can cause a hazard or a nuisance. It must have been like that, or gathered, over a period of time. We don't consider gardens containing items waiting for collection for only a few days to be a dirty garden.

A dirty front garden may have:

  • piles of dumped waste
  • rotting food
  • dumped furniture
  • overflowing bins
  • very overgrown hedges, trees or other greenery
  • abandoned building materials

It also includes:

  • anything from the garden which has also spilled over onto the pavement or street
  • trees and greenery which overhang the pavement or street


Enforcement action Click to get info

Once we receive a report about a dirty front garden, we'll go and take a look. If we think it's a possible hazard or nuisance, we'll speak to the property occupier and ask them to clear it.

Depending on what the waste is and how hazardous it is to others, we may issue the occupier with a formal notice to remove it.

If they ignore this, we have the power to issue them with a fixed penalty notice (a fine) and/ or we can clear the mess ourselves and then charge the occupier for this work.