Day centres and day opportunities

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Day centres and day opportunities are services that you can access if you need support to join in activities, get to know your local community and to keep safe. There are a range of different options available, from support to attend a building base service, to going out and about in your local community.

A social worker will complete an assessment to find the right support for you.

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Day centres and building based activities are usually aimed at particular groups, such as older people, or those with learning disabilities. Some are open to a variety of people with different care and support needs.

Specialist day centres provide for a range of care and support needs, including for people:

  • with physical disabilities and or sensory impairment
  • with dementia
  • with learning disabilities
  • with mental health difficulties

These services support people to access a range of group activities in the community. They will help you find and join these groups, or support a community to begin a new one.

Dedicated one-to-one support is available to help people participate in activities, leisure opportunities, education and learning opportunities.

Details of regular groups and activities, lunch clubs or other day opportunities in Waltham Forest can be found in our leisure and recreation section.

Some day opportunities may have a charge to attend and/or an assessment for you to be able to join them.

Services that are staffed by registered nurses or provide treatment for particular conditions, will need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and will be subject to standards and inspections. You can search by service name on the CQC website to check.

Day centres run by charities or other independent organisations may or may not be regulated and registered, depending on what they provide. They should however be able to give you details of their quality checks and details of feedback from people who have used their service.