Damp and mould


You may think you have a damp problem at home. However often the issue is excess condensation.

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Boiling your kettle, bathing, cooking... even breathing can add lots of moist air to your home.

If this air can’t escape, it will cause you problems. 

Condensation can get onto your walls, furniture and clothes - causing mould which can seriously damage your health.

As a tenant, you’re responsible for controlling the moisture in your house. And it’s really easy for you to do...

Simply let the air out. 

  • open windows (just a bit) to let out any damp air from cooking, washing or bathing
  • use your extractor fan especially when using the bathroom and kitchen
  • dry clothes outside if possible - or open a window if you dry them indoors
  • if you use a clothes dryer, it must have a proper vent to the outside – otherwise it is just pumping damp air into your home
  • keep the lids on the pans, and open windows slightly when cooking
  • when running a bath, put some cold water in first, to reduce the amount of steam
  • do not use paraffin and bottled-gas heaters – they give off huge amounts of damp air, are dangerous and banned in your tenancy agreement
  • don’t overfill wardrobes and try to let air into them
  • keep air vents clear

Waltham Forest Housing is responsible for decorative damage caused by structural issues, like guttering or plumbing leaks.

If property is damaged, you may be asked to claim on your household insurance.

Otherwise it’s for you to look after the moisture in your house that could damage property.

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If you try all of the above condensation fixes and the problem continues, contact us and we will arrange for surveyor to visit your property. 

Phone 0208 496 3000

Important: You could be charged for the visit if you’re found to be responsible for excess condensation.