Cycle training, maintenance and safety


We offer free cycle training in schools, group cycle training for families, and group and one-to-one training sessions for adults over 16, who live, work or study in the borough.

All schools within Waltham Forest are entitled to free Bikeability courses for children in Year 5 or 6 and above.

  • Level 1 is playground-based and covers basic cycle handling skills and balance,
  • Level 2 allows children to experience real traffic on quieter roads and cycle lanes, perhaps including the journey to school,
  • Level 3 allows children in Year 7 and above to learn new skills to tackle more challenging roads and traffic.

If your school would like to book cycle training please email If your child’s school is not currently offering cycle training please do encourage them to contact us to book this in.

We offer free cycle training for adults who live, work or study in Waltham Forest.

Whether you are a novice, returning to cycling after a break, or an experienced rider wanting to expand your knowledge of the local area, our training partners can help you.

We offer all levels of training including:

  • One-to-one or group sessions with an experienced cycle leader, seven days a week, at a location to suit you
  • For new commuters, we'll work with you to identify a safe convenient route for you to cycle between home and work
  • Way to go online route planning sessions

If you don't have your own cycle, we have a limited number of loan cycles, subject to availability.

For more details or to book your training session, visit Cycle Confident, our cycle training provider's website, or call them on 0203 031 6730.

These sessions are aimed at giving you the opportunity to develop new skills in a relaxed and enjoyable group environment.

Learning as a group is great fun and our instructors are patient and encouraging, helping you to feel more confident on your bike!

The riding ability required for trainees varies depending on the course so please check on the individual course description to see what is suitable for you. If you can't find something that looks quite right, you will be able to book an individual session instead. 

For more details or to book your training session, visit Cycle Confident, our cycle training provider's website, or call them on 0203 031 6730.


Gain confidence and learn skills to cycle as a family with a free family cycling session!

Whether you and your family are novices to cycling or you all ride already but would like advice on specific routes, your instructor will tailor the session to meet your needs. 

Sessions are for up to 3 people and at least one trainee must be an adult. Please be aware that where groups have very different ages or abilities, instructors need to pace training to suit the least able.

For more details or to book your training session, visit Cycle Confident, our cycle training provider's website, or call them on 0203 031 6730.

Dr Bike checks Click to get info

The Council offers FREE Dr Bike sessions where our experienced mechanics check everything on your bike from wheels, brakes, gears and tyre pressure to lights, racks, pedals, saddles and more.  Any minor adjustments they can make to the bike they do there and then, and anything they can't fix on site they will let you know exactly what needs doing and a rough guide to what it should cost at a bike shop.

Please visit the Cycle Confident website to find out the dates and locations of our next Dr Bike sessions.

If you would like to suggest a location for an upcoming Dr Bike session, please email

All Ability Cycling Club Click to get info

The Council works with Bikeworks to provide weekly All Ability Cycling Clubs. Following feedback from participants, sessions will now take place every Saturday alternating between Leyton Jubilee Park and Higham Hill Park between 10am and 12pm.

All equipment is provided and Bikeworks have a range of cycles including hand cycles, side by side cycles, recumbents and relaxed tricycles.

Please visit the Bikeworks website to find out the dates and locations of our next All Ability Cycling Club sessions. For further information, email


The Council offers free Safer Urban Driving training courses which has been designed for HGV (Heavy Good Vehicles) drivers to promote the safety and sharing of roads with vulnerable road users, with a focus on cyclists. Drivers participating in this course counts towards The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

All of the Council’s contractors drivers have participated in this course however if your company is interesting in also participating please email

Bike maintenance courses Click to get info

Waltham Forest provides regular free maintenance courses for residents and those who work and study in the borough. Each course typically lasts one day, and participants receive training on how to fix their cycles, repair simple punctures, maintain their chains, and check their brakes.

For more details or to book your training session, visit Cycle Confident, our cycle training provider's website, or call them on 0203 031 6730.

When crossing the road, try to use the safest place such as:

  • Zebra Crossings
  • Toucan Crossings
  • Traffic Lights

Be aware of other road users at all times – remember HGV (Heavy Good Vehicles) have blind spots where you cannot always be seen, be aware of buses pulling in and out at bus stops and be alert as you cannot predict what other road users are going to do.

Keep up to date with your knowledge of the Highway Code and follow its advice.

Road safety at night Click to get info

At night your bicycle must have a working:

  • White front light
  • Red rear light
  • Red reflector

Check them regularly to make sure they’re clean and working.

Be Bright, Be Seen Click to get info

It’s difficult to see someone who is wearing darker clothing when the weather is wet and grey. It’s important to make yourself more visible to other road users during the darker days and at night. When its dark fluorescent colours are less effective, but white or light colours are easier to spot. Reflective material is most effective when it’s dark, as it reflects the light from vehicle headlights or streetlights.