Creating a Mini Holland in Waltham Forest



Waltham Forest has been successful in its bid to Transport for London for £30m to fund a Mini Holland cycling programme to radically improve the borough’s cycling infrastructure and support a step change in the numbers of local people choosing to cycle.

What are we trying to achieve

  • We want to make cycling and walking an enjoyable, safe and easy way of getting around, not just for people who already cycle and walk but for people who might currently be put off because of safety concerns etc. Mini Holland will improve road conditions for pedestrians and cyclists by making routes safer but will also benefit motorists, by providing designated car and cycle areas so that the roads can be used more easily by everyone
  • We want to ensure the scheme benefits the whole community, not just cyclists. Town centre spaces will be improved, providing areas for pedestrians so that rat runs are a thing of the past and parents and children feel safer on local roads. By reducing traffic congestion in some areas, the scheme will ease parking pressures, reduce pollution and noise levels, and create a greener environment for residents to enjoy. Local businesses will be involved where possible in the scheme, helping to support the local economy, and the borough as a whole will be more attractive for residents and visitors
  • We want to ensure the borough’s town centres are better connected via cycling routes and improve the way in which we’re connected to our neighbouring boroughs so that it’s easier to get from A to B by bike
  • We want to use the scheme to increase cycling amongst residents – not just those who already cycle. Getting more residents to jump on a bike will improve health and fitness levels in the borough as well as reducing emissions to create a more pleasant environment for everyone. With that, we recognise that people need to feel confident cycling so in addition to making routes safer, we will offer a range of activities to encourage that confidence

View full details on the Mini Holland Programme in Waltham Forest.