COVID-19 Local Outbreak Management Plan


In order to manage any cases of COVID-19 in the borough, we have developed the Local Outbreak Management Plan for Waltham Forest.

This plan outlines how we aim to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Local Outbreak Management Plan specifically addresses the needs of our community, working alongside our residents, businesses, faith groups and organisations to understand how to get tested and how we can trace the infection should it spread. 

In Waltham Forest, preventing COVID-19 will be our top priority. Working with our local partners and diverse communities, we will work to ensure that all of our residents, organisations and businesses have the information they need to take responsible action to protect their health and that of our most vulnerable residents. Through deepening our work with our communities we will allay concerns and provide extra support where needed.  

In the event of an outbreak, our preparations mean we will be ready to take urgent action to manage and contain this quickly, knowing how to reach those we need to. We will continually learn from data and our residents’ experiences to improve our approach to help save lives and protect freedoms across the borough.

We know that the plan is only as good as how we work with the community to deliver it. We are asking all community partners, including those from faith groups, VCS organisations and local businesses, to sign up to our community statement setting out our joint commitment to get rid of COVID-19 in Waltham Forest and keep residents safe.