Council Tax: what you need to know

Council Tax

You may have to pay Council Tax if you're over 18 years old and own or rent your home.

Who doesn’t count as an adult?

Some people are not counted as adults for Council Tax. See who doesn't count as an adult.

To work out how much Council Tax you need to pay, first you will have to find out which band your property is in.  

Our Council Tax bands and charges for 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.

Council Tax band Charge for 2017/18
A £1025.33
B £1196.21
C £1367.10
D £1537.99
E £1879.77
F £2221.54
G £2563.32
H £3075.98

These figures don’t take account of any discounts, benefits, or other reductions you may be entitled to.

Appealing your property’s band

If you think your property band is wrong, you can appeal your property’s Council Tax band to the Valuations Office.

You may be able to get a refund if you have been in a higher band than you should have been.

You are responsible for paying Council Tax if you are:

  • the owner of the 'freehold' property
  • the person who leased the property
  • a tenant (including a council tenant)
  • the person who lives in the property
  • a squatter

If no one lives in the property, the owner or leaseholder of the property is responsible for paying the Council Tax bill.

When is an owner liable for a property he doesn't occupy?

If the owner of the property doesn’t live there, they will be responsible for paying the bill if:

  • no adults live in the property as their main home
  • the property is let to more than one person, for example hostels, or bedsits with people who share facilities
  • the property is a residential care home, nursing home or mental nursing home
  • the property is occupied by a religious group or ministers
  • domestic service staff live in the property
  • asylum seekers live in the property

Disputing liability

If you think you are the wrong name on the Council Tax bill, please contact the Revenues and Benefits Service. Tell us why you think you’re not responsible for paying Council Tax, and send us any proof you have. We will look into the matter, and write to tell you of our decision.

Appealing your bill

You can appeal your Council Tax bill if:

  • you think you’re not responsible for paying the Council Tax
  • you’ve claimed a discount or exemption and this hasn’t been awarded or has been refused
  • you think any item on your bill (apart from Council Tax Support) has been worked out incorrectly
  • a claim for disability reduction hasn’t been granted
  • you have to pay a penalty
  • we have sent you a completion notice, and you don’t agree with the date on it

To appeal, please call us on 020 8496 3000 or email us at Put 'appeal' and your account reference in the subject field.