Council structure



Council services are provided by seven directorates. Each directorate is made up of a number of services which are managed by a service head.

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Senior officers and positions are shown below.



Chief Executive

Martin Esom

Strategic Director of Families

Heather Flinders

Strategic Director Corporate Development

Rhona Cadenhead

Strategic Director Finance and Governance

John Turnbull

Strategic Director Economic Growth

Stewart Murray

Strategic Director of Resident Services

Michele Moloney

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Strategic Director of Families

Heather Flinders

Leading the Council’s Think Family programme and responsible for discharging statutory children’s and adult social services duties

Director of Learning an System Leadership

David Kilgallon

Schools monitoring and support, early years teaching and learning; post-16 education strategy, careers service

Divisional Director Early Help

Alastair Macorkindale

Strategy Safer Communities, Early Help and Troubled Families, Strategic Partnerships Unit, community safety, youth offending and support service

Director of Public Health

Joe McDonnell

Improving health and wellbeing, sexual health services, drugs and alcohol services, health protection

Director Integrated Commissioning Mark Lobban Commissioning intentions, better care together, integrated commissioning, section 75 agreements
Corporate Director Children's Social Care (Deputy) Daniel Phelps Children’s social care and safeguarding
Director of Adult Care and Quality Standards Darren McAughtrie  Adult care, quality standards and safeguarding

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Position Name Role

Strategic Director Corporate Development

Rhona Cadenhead Culture and Communities, Heritage, Policy and Public Affairs, Councillor Services

Director of Digital and ICT (Deputy)

Paul Neville Delivers the technology (including PCs, laptops, applications, mobiles, website, telephony) and connectivity to enable the Council to deliver its services and connect to our residents and businesses

Director of communication and campaign

Deborah Porter Internal and external communications, media, culture and heritage

Director of People & Organisational Development

Interim: Eva Phillips

Workforce strategy, HR policy, Employee relations and experience, HR quality assurance, HR consultation process, Organisational Development

Assistant Director of Strategy & Change

Nohaila Alavi Change Agency, Service Design, Portfolio, Digital Change, Digital Strategy, Transformation Delivery, Workforce Programme

Assistant Director of Strategy & Design

Jonathan Lloyd

Design and Insight, Business Intelligence, Network & Community, Insight & Services, Strategy & Policy, Insight & Intelligence

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Strategic Director Finance and Governance

John Turnbull

Chief Finance Officer, Finance, Accountancy, Audit and Anti-fraud, Revenues and Benefits

Director of Financial Services


Corporate budget strategy and planning, budget control, corporate accountancy

Assistant Director - Audit and Anti-Fraud (shared with Enfield)

Gemma Young

Internal audit, anti-fraud, internal control consultancy, investigations

Director of Governance and Law (Deputy)

Mark Hynes

Commercial, public, family law, litigation,  democratic services, electoral, coroners

Head of Revenues and Benefits

Nalda Russell-Stowe

Council tax, Housing benefit, admin and social fund, free school meals, cash control

Treasury and Pensions Manager

Debbie Drew

Treasury management and banking; investment and borrowing; pensions fund

Director Return on Investment Rob Manning Pension fund; revenues; benefits; transformation, projects and service, development of opportunities and operations; procurement                                                    


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Strategic Director Neighbourhoods and Commercial Services

Michele Moloney

Procurement, Commissioning, Service Design and Contracts, Residents Insight and Performance, Major contracts and Delivery, Highways and infrastructure, Neighbourhoods, Management, Parking and Transport, Parks and Leisure

Director of Housing (Deputy) Darren Welsh

Housing management and solutions, homelessness and temporary accommodation, housing strategy

Director of Neighbourhood Management

Jarlath Griffin

Neighbourhoods, town centres, parks and open spaces, recycling, estate services, civil contingencies, noise nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour

Director of Selective Licensing and Regulation

David Beach

Private Sector housing standards, food safety, selective licensing, premises licensing, trading standards, environmental protection [air quality, contaminated land, programmed noise, public health issues], cemeteries and mortuary services

Director of Highways and Traffic Management

Vala Valavan

Highways network management, maintenance, improvement, structure and bridges, traffic management, street lighting, parking,  flood and drainage, road safety,  “Enjoy Waltham Forest”  project

Director Commercial Innovation

John Hubbard

Commercial Development, Local Authority Trading Company, Servicestore, Lettings Waltham Forest, Pest Control, CCTV, Commercial Services

Director of Customer Services and Business Support

Louise Duffield

Business Support, Customer Services, Libraries and Registrars




Strategic Director Economic Growth Stewart Murray Strategic Director Economic Growth
Commercial Director Regen & Planning Ian Rae Development Management, Building Control, Land Charges, Design and Conservation, Planning Policy, Delivery of Area Regeneration Programmes and Projects; Strategic Transport; Sustainable Development
Director Inward Investment Jonathan Martin Investment and Delivery

Director of Property and Asset Management (Deputy)

Aiden McManus

Corporate Asset Management, Capital Programmes, Schools Delivery, Estates and Evaluation, Strategic Property Projects

Commercial Director Housing Delivery Jennifer Daothong Housing Investment; Housing Delivery; Estate Regeneration; Registered Provider Development Partnerships

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To increase the transparency of council finances we will publish and update details of senior officers’ pay and expenses every year. See council pay scales.

The council is required under the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011 to publish details of the number of officers with salaries of £50,000 and over. The details for 2013-14 can be found at page 69 of the council’s statement of accounts on the council finance page.