Complex health needs


If your child has complex health needs, such as oxygen dependency or tube feeding, or has a life-limiting or serious mental health condition, you may be able to get help with ‘continuing’ care over an extended period of time, including palliative 'end-of-life' care.

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Personal health budgets are being introduced by the NHS to help people manage their care in a way that suits them. They have been piloted in a number of places across England and since October 2014, adults receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare and children in receipt of continuing care have had a right to have a personal health budget.

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Continuing Care is a way of funding health care packages for babies, children and young people (from birth to 18 years old) with complex healthcare needs whose needs cannot be met by existing mainstream or specialist health services. These complex needs may be as a result of disability, accident or illness.

Children and Young People are assessed using the National Framework for Children and Young People’s Continuing Care (DOH 2016).  This framework is designed to support Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in determining if a child’s needs are such that they can only be met through a package of continuing care.

The framework also sets out an equitable, transparent and timely process for assessing, deciding and agreeing these bespoke packages of care.

Each care package will be commissioned to meet the individual needs of each child/young person and their family and can involve health education and social care.

If you feel that you, a family member or someone you care for may be eligible for NHS CHC, please speak to your community nurse or your GP about an assessment.

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The following is a short listing of hospitals that disabled children and young people are commonly referred to. Click on the relevant link below to find out more about a particular hospital and the services that are on offer.