Climate change and the council


To create a cleaner and more energy efficient Waltham Forest, we have various action plans to tackle climate change. 

Climate Local

Climate Local is the Local Government Association’s (LGA) initiative to capture the opportunities and benefits of action on climate change through savings on energy bill, increasing building energy efficiency, attracting new jobs in ‘low carbon’ industries, reducing flood risks, managing the impacts of extreme weather events and protecting our natural environment.

The London Borough of Waltham Forest signed the Climate Local Commitment in October 2012 in recognition of the important role that local authorities have in tackling climate change. In signing the Commitment we pledged to set locally-owned and determined targets and actions on both mitigation and adaptation and publish these.

The Waltham Forest Climate Local action plan was refreshed in 2014. This will work towards delivery of the Waltham Forest climate change strategy target (adopted in 2009) of an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050.

For more information download the Climate Local Action Plan 14-16 - Annual Refresh.


The Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (HECA) recognises local authorities’ ability to use their position to improve the energy efficiency of all the residential accommodation (such as owner-occupied, privately rented and social housing) in their areas.

In July 2012 the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published a requirement under HECA for all local authorities in England to report on the measures they propose to take to achieve this aim from March 2013.

The HECA Progress Report produced in March 2015 shows achievements during 2013-15 and activity planned for 2015-17. Progress reports are required at two year intervals, so the next progress report is due in March 2017.

Waltham Forest’s Climate Change Strategy

The council and its partners in the police, health service, business and voluntary sector put together the borough’s climate change strategy in 2009 as part of the council's ambition to be the greenest borough in London.

The strategy sets out how we can all take action on climate change in Waltham Forest, and reflects the views that were gathered from residents and other stakeholders earlier this year. We need to adapt to the changes to the climate that we are already seeing, and make big reductions in our energy use to limit future changes. The strategy aims to reduce the borough’s carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

Download the Climate Change Strategy executive summary.

Download the Full Waltham Forest Climate Change Strategy.

Local Climate Impact Profile (LCLIP)

The LCLIP for Waltham Forest provides a straightforward list of the main consequences of weather events to which a local authority area is currently exposed. It provides an indication of local preparedness amongst the service areas for the delivery of their services.

Focussing on adaptation to climate change the LCLIP emphasises the need to consider the effects of weather now and in the recent past; and not the consequences of future climate change. It provides a good understanding of the consequences of recent weather events and provides local authorities with an understanding in order to better prepare for the future.

Download the Local Climate Impact Profile (329KB PDF file)

Green businesses Click to get info

The Big London Energy Switch

The Big London Energy Switch is now open to SMEs. To see if you can save money on your energy bills by switching supplier, visit the Big London Energy Switch website and click on 'Are you an organisation?'

Waltham Forest's SME Carbon Reduction Programme

In 2009-10 free environmental reviews and energy audits were offered to SMEs within Waltham Forest to help them reduce their carbon emissions and save money. Eighty businesses were surveyed and action plans drawn up. A downloadable self help pack (272KB PDF file) was produced.

Further information on energy efficiency for small businesses and organisations can be found on the Carbon Trust's website.