Choose Local. Support Everyone.


We love local businesses, they’re a big part of our communities. This is why we’re encouraging residents to 'Choose Local. Support Everyone.' through our award-winning Communications campaign.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on our high streets. We want to showcase the brilliant businesses of Waltham Forest, and provide tools for both our residents and businesses so they can continue to show their support for the local area as we slowly come out of lockdown. We are also working hard to support local businesses to reopen safely and securely as we slowly come out of lockdown.

Waltham Forest is full of gems: From a soft drinks manufacturer which has broken through to the international market, to a local convenience store creating innovative solutions to reduce packing waste, from longstanding market traders and convenience stores, to a furniture maker with a mission to help disaffected young people in the community, this borough is jam packed full of incredible businesses.

Read about some of our local favourites

However, these businesses are just the tip of the iceberg, and who knows the place better than the locals? We want to hear from you! Tell us about your local faves, recommend places, and show your pride in your borough and choose local. Support everyone. Join the conversation online by using the hashtag #ChooseLocalWF on social media.

Check out how else to get involved below, and read about our commitment to support our high streets through the pandemic and beyond. Remember to always shop safely, and respect the measures set out by businesses to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Did you know that if every household in Waltham Forest spent a tenner at a local business in the borough that’s just over an extra £1 million that would be put straight back into our local economy? We know though not everyone has money to spare at the moment; your insider knowledge, recommendations and sharing the love on social media are really valuable too.

Help your local businesses for free with the following steps:

  • Like and follow your favourite shops on social media, engage with their posts and share stories
  • Leave online reviews of your experience
  • Sign up to their mailing list to continue your support
  • Spread the word by telling your neighbours about good experiences!

These small steps cost nothing, but mean the world to small businesses. Make the switch today, and start the conversation with your family, friends and followers.

Not sure where to start? You can download a selection of campaign assets for your social media, or your front window below:

Twitter assets

Instagram assets

Facebook assets

Print assets

The High Street Action plan sets out how we plan to re-imagine and re-establish Waltham Forest’s vibrant town centres and high streets that we know and love.

We will support our town centres, high streets, wider business community and entrepreneurs where we can, by redesigning our high streets to create safe spaces for people to shop, to do business and to live.

There will be a period of re-building as we re-open our town centres and high streets and help local businesses adapt to trade safely in this new environment. This is our opportunity not just to make things right but to make them better for the future.

For Waltham Forest to continue to be a successful place we need to maintain confidence for residents, businesses and investors so both our local economy and the people who live here prosper.

Read more about the High Streets Action Plan  

Are you a local Waltham Forest Business? Make sure you list yourself for free in our local business directory.

Residents are able to search this directory, which features everything from cafés to breweries to home delivery services. The directory currently lists 310 businesses and the site is averaging 4,000 unique visits per month.

Our Business Support Team is also available to provide advice and guidance at this tricky time. They can:

  • Signpost you to business help
  • Advise on the availability of workspace and property
  • Connect you to networking organisations in the borough

You can find more information on what other programmes and schemes we are in partnership with or email the team.