Chit Chat Pitter Pat home learning for under 5's


London Borough of Waltham Forest Chit Chat Pitter Pat is a virtual home learning project for under 5’s.

Chit Chat Pitter Pat empowers and inspires families to have meaningful home learning experiences and supports schools and early years provisions in encouraging and advocating the benefit of these experiences.

To get involved and start learning, you can join Chit Chat Pitter Pat on Facebook or Instagram!

Chit Chat Pitter Pat has weekly Learning Together Activity Cards created by Early Years Advisory Teachers with simple, meaningful activities families can do at home together. Including useful hints and tips on how to help children with these activities, what they like to do and how they like to learn - with handy, practical videos to show how they can be done. All the weekly Learning Together Activity Cards can also be downloaded below.

Sizzling Summer Fun Click to get info

Our Storytelling Sessions will be bringing vibrant stories and language to life! These will be held at Leytonstone Library, Walthamstow Toy Library and digitally.

Our Starting School Challenges with our puppets Charlie, Peggy and Hakeem will be helping you get ready for school!

  • You can watch their helpful videos digitally through our Facebook and Instagram with Charlie and Peggy setting a challenge on Wednesdays and Hakeem checking in on Saturday to see how you are getting on.
  • You can download the Starting School Challenge Booklet  with all the challenges so you can go at your own pace.

Our Summer Games Board will get you out and about in Waltham Forest. Playing games and having fun together as you explore our fantastic borough.

We hope you have fun together this summer!

Festive Fun Activities Click to get info

Chit Chat Pitter Pat will be sharing Festive Fun activities for families leading up until Christmas which will be shared on it’s Facebook, Instagram or download the Festive Fun Activities.

This summer two resident story tellers from Waltham Forest brought vibrant stories to life with amazing expression, actions, and singalongs. Individual and community stories were shared throughout the summer celebrating the diversity, home languages and families of Waltham Forest.

The stories from the Storytime Project are available as a playlist on Waltham Forest’s YouTube channel for you to watch and listen to together.

Worried about keeping your children entertained during the time you may be spending at home or are you just looking for fun ideas to support your young child’s learning and development? 

Every week we will have new activities for you do at home with your little ones. 

For more information download the Learning Together Introduction (21.4 KB PDF)

Being Together Click to get info

Being together is about how you can help your child become an independent, social and happy individual.

Download the activity card 

Talking Together  Click to get info

Talking Together is about how you can help build your child’s language skills so they become confident communicators!

Download the activity card 

Reading Together Click to get info

Reading Together is about enjoying books together; with so many opportunities to develop your child’s vocabulary and knowledge of the world around them!

Download the activity card 

Being Together exploring Click to get info

Being Together and Exploring is about helping your child develop, explore and manage their feelings and emotions through fun activities and games.

Download the activity card

Counting Together Click to get info

Counting Together is about creating fun counting experiences that help develop your child’s early math skills.

Download the activity card

Mark Making Together Click to get info

Mark Making is about children expressing themselves through different patterns, lines, textures and shapes. This could be on paper, the floor, outside or on an object or surface. The skill of writing begins with opportunities for mark making!

Download the activity card

Moving Together dancing Click to get info

Moving Together and Dancing is about exploring different and fun ways to move to our favourite music and songs. Let’s get moving everyone!

Download the activity card

Talking and Investigating Together is about your child showing a curiosity about different objects and their environment. These skills are an important factor in learning about themselves and the world in which they live.

Download the activity card

Counting, Finding Shapes and Measuring Together is about developing skills such as problem solving, understanding and using shapes and measures.

Download the activity card

Anytime is a good time to share a book or story. Reading Together and Storytelling is all about encouraging a life long love of reading in your child.

Download the activity card

Mark Making Together is about valuing the marks that your child makes and talking together about them! It is very easy to dismiss the different lines and circles children create as just ‘scribbles’, but actually, they are mark making which is the first step towards writing!

Download the activity card

Being Together and playing games is about sharing loving, funny moments and laughing together. Babies and children love playing games with you and will evoke laughter from everyone, from Peekaboo to racing games!

Download the activity card

Talking and Exploring Together is about getting into your child’s zone, talking about what they are doing, looking at or playing with them and having fun together! Remember this will all be supporting their language development at the same time!

Download the activity card

Moving Together and Building is about bringing those gross and fine motor skills together to support your child’s physical development. Encourage as much outdoor time as you can, plan activities that include your child’s natural surroundings!

Download the activity card

Moving Together and Building (1.51MB PDF)