The Children in Care Council


The Children in Care Council (CiCC) is a group of children in care aged 12-17 who meet regularly to discuss important issues about the care system. They make sure the views of children and young people have influence over the way care services are run. The group also assist Waltham Forest with a number of key influencing activities:

Recruitment of staff

The CiCC are regularly involved in the recruitment of new members of staff. Over the past few years this has included Child Protection Chairs, Independent Reviewing Officers and Social Workers.

Training of staff

The In My Shoes training is a half-day session for Social Workers and other professionals to give them an insight into what it is like to be a young person growing up in care. It is led by members of the CiCC with limited involvement from the Voice and Influence Service. The training allows participants a chance to be trained by the young people they work with.

Membership of scrutiny boards

In their role representing the voice of care experienced young people, the CiCC and CCG are members of the Corporate Parenting Board. Working with elected members and other senior managers the CiCC and CCG provide vital insight and contributions to the board.

Creating resources for young people and adults

The CICC are often involved in making tools such as videos for young people and the adults that work with them.

Below are two examples of videos that the CICC were involved in making.

Coming into Care

What’s Important to Young People in Care

Trips & days out

The group also take part in a number of fun activities when not undertaking influencing activities. Over the past few year’s trips have included: go karting, Thorpe Park, high-ropes, cinema trips, meals out etc.

And as a little extra incentive…

All the direct influencing work that the CICC assist with is incentivised with vouchers payments.

Interesting in joining the CICC?

If you’re interested you or your carers can speak to David Reece via phone 07891957365 or email

If you don’t want to join the CICC you can still expect to hear from us. We send out questionnaires to all children so that they can tell us what they think about being in care – look out for these because you can earn vouchers for completing them and it helps to influence the service you receive.

We also send you information about events that we have got coming up so you can get involved if you want to.