Changes to Your Stop Smoking Service

15 March 2017

Due to recent budget cuts, Waltham Forest Public Health department needs to make a savings of £2.5 million by 2019. We are currently reviewing the Stop Smoking Service, among other services to identify opportunities to make these savings.

We would like to hear from you. Please complete our survey and tell us your views on the proposed changes to the current Stop Smoking Service.

Details of our current Stop Smoking Service provision and the options for the future of the service are detailed below.

The survey closes on 31 March.

The current Stop Smoking Service offers support to quit smoking for anyone living, working or studying in Waltham Forest. The offer includes

  • specialist face to face treatment to people who have been identified as being at high risk (pregnant women, young people,  those with mental health problems or long term conditions)
  • work with local GP practices and pharmacies to deliver face to face support for other smokers
  • access to a free or reduced cost Nicotine Replacement, like patches or gum, for smokers that requests them.
  • support and advice over the telephone, and  
  • training for professionals within Waltham Forest

The options that have been considered are:

  1. To decommission the current Stop Smoking Service. This means that there will no longer be a Stop Smoking Service from June 2017.
  2. To recommission a redesigned Stop Smoking Service at a reduced contract value. This is our preferred option.
  3. Identify savings from other Public Health or Council services to continue to fund the Stop Smoking Service as it currently is.

The Council’s preferred option is to commission a redesigned Stop Smoking Service at a reduced contract value. This approach will aim to offer Stop Smoking service at different levels depending on the needs of service users. By offering different levels of service, we will continue to be able to prioritise support for those at highest need, while ensuring some level of advice and support is available for everyone.

Low Need offer

People with a lower need such as those with low nicotine dependency, or those who have not attempted to quit in the past, would be offered access to a range of digital advice and support, which may include websites or Apps.

Moderate Need offer

Those people with a moderate need, such as people with higher levels of nicotine dependency, or those who have already tried to quit a number of times, would also have access to digital support. In addition, they would be able to access an enhanced offer which is likely to include face to face, text, telephone or video call support.

High Need offer

People at high need will include pregnant women, people with a mental health challenge or other long term conditions, and those under the age of 18. They would be offered access to specialist face to face support, and free products like patches or gum to help support their quit attempt.

More details about the options and a survey where you can tell us thoughts on the above options.

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After we receive your feedback, a summary report will be drafted, and will inform an Equalities Impact Assessment. Both documents will be published on our website and will inform the development of the service specification for the new service.

If you would like to submit further comments regarding this proposal, please email them to