Caring for our street trees

5 July 2019
Street trees in LBWF

In the current hot spell, please help our young trees establish by watering them.

Waltham Forest tree service waters the newly planted trees - but any extra help we can give them is always welcome.

Each tree is planned to be watered every two weeks between May and September inclusive and more if it’s needed, but the current weather conditions are hard on young trees and extra help to establish them is a good way to get involved in making our borough even greener.

Residents are encouraged to add water directly into the watering bag if you can get to it and fill to the top using a watering can or bucket - or try to apply water carefully to the pit directly, slowly allowing the water sink in and not run off the soil surface.

Water as often as you like, but please be mindful of local water authority restrictions.

Watering in the cooler evenings is better than in the midday heat, but any watering is welcome.

Got a question or query about street trees in Waltham Forest? Get in touch with the council's urban forestry team at

Caring for street trees: A visual guide



Caring for street trees - step one
Look for feed that will help nourish young trees




Caring for street trees - step two
Scatter feed around the base of the tree





Caring for street trees - step three
Open the top of the plastic sleeve to get water to the base of the tree trunk





Caring for street trees - step four
Pour plenty of water down there - especially when the weather is warm





Caring for street trees - step five
Lift the sleeve to get the last drops out and to the roots where it is needed





Caring for street trees - step six
The council team visit each tree once a fortnight





Caring for street trees - step seven
Trees help cool urban areas, and have been proven to boost mental health and wellbeing,