Cabinet members


Leader's Report

1. The allocation of responsibilities to Cabinet Members has been amended and is as follows with effect from 28 June 2019:

Cabinet members

Responsibilities and portfolios

Cllr Clare Coghill


  • Strategy
  • Policy
  • Budget
  • Chair of Investment and Infrastructure Board and People and Risk Board
  • Communications
  • Relationship with partners and government
  • Promoting and building links with arts organisations 
  • Vision 2030


Cllr Clyde Loakes

Deputy Leader

  • Redefining Waltham Forest
  • Envirocrime and planning enforcement
  • Enjoy Waltham Forest
  • Neighbourhood services including street cleansing, refuse collection, waste and recycling
  • Environmental health and trading standards
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Climate emergency
  • Traffic
  • Parking
  • Highways policy and management
  • Transport – bus priority, overground, accessibility
  • Brexit preparedness
  • HR and Gender Pay Gap Strategy

Cllr Liaquat Ali

Transformation and Commercial Operations

  • Commercial Operations
  • Traded Services
  • Digital and Smart Technology
  • ICT
  • Smart Cities
  • Customer Interface
  • Revenues and benefits
  • Procurement and Commissioning
  • Civil contingencies and Emergency Planning

Cllr Naheed Asghar

Health Partnerships and Poverty Reduction

  • Strategic relationship with local, regional and national health authorities
  • Health and wellbeing strategy
  • Chair of Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Public Health
  • Relationship with Ambulance Services
  • The voice of women and girls

Cllr Paul Douglas

Cabinet member – Culture

  • Borough of Culture delivery and legacy
  • Libraries
  • Leisure centres and facilities
  • Heritage
  • Sports development
  • Ward engagement and funding

Cllr Ahsan Khan

Community Safety and Voluntary Sector

  • Crime and disorder strategy
  • Anti-gangs strategy
  • Troubled Families programme
  • Drug action team
  • Relationships with police and fire authorities
  • Prevent strategy
  • Voluntary Sector

Cllr Khevyn Limbajee

Adult Services

  • Statutory responsibility for adults’ services
  • Personalisation strategy
  • Families and adult services
  • Older people’s strategy
  • Supporting people
  • Identifying and addressing isolation
  • Ethical Care Charter
  • Bridging the intergenerational divide
  • Financial inclusion

Cllr Simon Miller

Economic Growth and Housing Development

  • High streets and town centre management
  • Economic development and inward investment
  • Employment
  • Relationship with business
  • Regeneration
  • Planning
  • Council property and capital strategy
  • Training, skills and adult education
  • Walthamstow Market
  • New housing delivery
  • Whipps Cross Campus
  • Town Hall Campus

Cllr Louise Mitchell

Housing and Homelessness Prevention

  • Waltham Forest Housing
  • Registered social landlords
  • Private housing sector
  • Private sector licensing
  • Housing standards
  • Registered Provider Compact
  • Homelessness
  • Housing strategy


Cllr Grace Williams

Children, young people and families

  • Statutory functions under the Children Act
  • Education
  • Children and young people’s social services provision
  • Schools capital projects
  • Early years
  • Youth provision
  • Youth offending team
  • Children safeguarding
  • Child poverty
  • Think Families

Cllr Ros Flowers

Cabinet junior – Life Chances

  • Implementation of response to the Life Chances Commission

Cllr Alistair Strathern

Cabinet junior – Asset Strategy and Transformation

  • One Public Estate
  • Efficient use of the council estate
  • Maximising social benefit from S106 and CIL

Cllr Vicky te Velde

Cabinet junior – Connecting Communities 

  • Community engagement
  • Equalities
  • Community cohesion


2. Except where specifically provided for in the Constitution, or a decision has been taken by myself or by Cabinet to delegate a decision in a particular matter to a specified individual or body, the following general arrangements shall apply in respect of matters which, under the Constitution are defined as key decisions:

  1. Except where paragraph (b) applies, all key decisions shall be taken collectively by Cabinet;
  2. Where a key decision relates only to a matter within a single Portfolio-holder’s area of responsibility and/or has only a minimal impact on another executive portfolio in the view of the Director of Governance and Law (or his/her representative), the decision may be taken by the relevant Portfolio-holder, subject to the Director of Governance and Law being satisfied as to the following:

i.          that appropriate consultation has been undertaken on the matter concerned;

ii.         that all relevant matters are set out in a report that is considered by the Portfolio-Holder; and

iii.        a proper record is published of the Portfolio-Holder’s decision.


3. I confirm the delegation of executive powers to officers as set out in:

  1. The General Scheme of Delegation;
  2. The Council’s Constitution; and
  3. As set out in item 9 of this agenda.

and that all officers with delegated powers may in turn delegate those powers to other officers in accordance with the Council’s Constitution and legislation.


4. As executive leader, I reserve my statutory powers to make different arrangements for the discharge of executive functions to those set out above where this is desirable or necessary in the circumstances and following the receipt of legal advice, where appropriate.