Brownfield Land Register

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In April 2017 regulations were introduced which place a responsibility onto local planning authorities to prepare and maintain a register of brownfield sites. The Register must be published by the 31st of December 2017, and updated annually.

The purpose of the Register is to provide publicly available information on previously developed land (as defined in Annex 2 of the National Planning Policy Framework) throughout the Borough, London, and the country more widely, which offers potential for residential development. This will provide certainty for local authorities, developers and communities, and encourage investment on brownfield land.

For a site to be included on the register it must have an area of at least 0.25 hectares, or be capable of providing at least five homes; and residential development on the site must be “suitable”, “available”’, and “achievable”. “Achievable”’ in this context means that in the opinion of the local planning authority, development is likely to take place within 15 years of the entry date. The criteria are fully set out in the Brownfield Land Register Regulations 2017.

There are two parts to the Register:

  • Part 1 comprises all brownfield sites that the local planning authority has assessed as appropriate for residential development, including sites both with, and without planning permission
  • Part 2 of the Register is a subset of Part 1. Part 2 comprises only those sites in Part 1 that the local planning authority has decided that the land would be suitable for a grant of permission in principle (PiP) for residential development

At this stage the Council has not granted ‘permission in principle’ for any sites. Accordingly, the Register relates to Part 1 only.

View the Register

The December 2020 version of our Brownfield Land Register can be downloaded as a CSV file (72KB CSV file).

You can also download the register in polygon format (168KB GPKG file) for use in GIS/CAD software

Please see INSPIRE Index Polygons spatial data for more information on the polygon format.

This data is provided under the Open Government Licence. Contains OS data © Crown copyright 2018.

The GLA is also hosting a London-wide web map of all brownfield land.

More information

Any queries relating to the Brownfield Land Register can be directed to:

Planning Policy Team
020 8496 6748