Blackhorse Lane masterplan



The masterplan process of Blackhorse Lane is seen as proactive step in the councils COVID-19 Recovery Plan in the medium to long term. It aims to safeguard the future success of the area and maximise its potential for the local community and the wider economy.

This is a process that Waltham Forest Council is undertaking in collaboration with the Mayor of London to protect and support the borough’s industrial areas to ensure they are optimised. The process will also assist with the Council’s long term growth ambitions for the borough. Industrial land in London has become scarcer in recent years, making it important to address this issue now and protect it across Waltham Forest. The masterplan will set a framework to overcome delivery challenges relating to the complex and diverse ownership that typifies SILs.

Waltham Forest is also undertaking a similar exercise for the LB SIL. Like at Lea Bridge, this will involve consulting with landlords, landowners, businesses and local residents to help inform the masterplan for Blackhorse Lane.

We are working on a shared vision and urban principles safeguard the future of the SIL. A coordinated plan across the whole SIL, including:

  • Streets and urban blocks
  • Scale and massing principles
  • Access and servicing principles
  • Public realm strategy
  • Create high-quality industrial space that can support growth of existing businesses, increase long term security and stability.
  • Developing a strategy for retaining existing businesses and providing modern fit for purpose industrial floorspace
  • Strategy for integrating new compatible uses that integrate better with the wider neighborhood and support more local footfall
  • Sustainability strategy (energy, health and wellbeing)
  • A vibrant, creative neighborhood that can accommodate other compatible uses, such as homes and workspace

Meaningful engagement is critical for the success of the masterplan process as it informs the framework and design process. Initially we want to understand businesses current needs and future ambitions to imbed in the masterplan a framework to support their future growth. Business engagement feedback and input will inform the design process of the masterplan at a number of points. Wider community consultation will come at a later stage.

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  • February to  April 2021: Engagement with business
  • Second Half 2021: Outline masterplan

Industrial intensification means increasing industrial floor space, either through the growth of existing businesses, or the development of new businesses in existing industrial locations. It is a process that looks to the future of how industry will look and work in Waltham Forest and across the rest of London. Industrial intensification can be delivered through mixing of industrial uses, sharing of spaces and servicing, and exploring new stacked industrial typologies, whilst also considering the potential to incorporate other uses on the same site.

Throughout our business engagement to date, businesses have told us:

  • They are open minded about new types of industrial space, like multi level buildings and sharing service yards
  • That there is a lack of amenity space and facilities for visitors and staff, like places to eat and spend free time
  • That they value the public transport connections and other benefits if the location of the site.

An online event for the wider community is planned for Thursday 22 April.

Please get in touch if you would like to hear more about our plans and take part.

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For more information on the Blackhorse Lane masterplan, please contact:

Masterplan project manager Patrick Shannon: