Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan

Planning and building control


The Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan (AAP) was formally adopted by the council on 29 January 2015. A copy of the AAP and related documents can be viewed below:

Examination Stage

The Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 28 February 2014.

Following the submission of the Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan to the Secretary of State, Mr Peter Drew BSc(HONS) DIPTP, MRTPI was appointed as Planning Inspector.

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A copy of the full AAP incorporating the inspectors modification’s, and other minor modifications agreed through the examination process, can be viewed below:

View: AAP incorporating inspector's modifications (6.2 MB PDF file)

14 October 2014 – The council has received official confirmation from the Planning Inspectorate that the Inspector has found the Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan to be ‘sound’, subject to the incorporation of modifications proposed and discussed during the examination process.

View the inspector’s report (387 KB PDF file).

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Having considered the contents of the plan, representations received on it, the Inspector's questions and the council’s response, the Planning Inspector proposed a schedule of ‘Main Modifications’ to the Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan. In addition, the council also provided a schedule of ‘Additional Minor Modifications’ to the plan.

As part of the formal process, the council invited representations on these ‘Modifications’ during the period Friday 22 August 2014 to Friday 3 October 2014.

These modifications were made available for inspection:

  • at Sycamore House (Reception), Waltham Forest Town Hall Complex, London E17 4JF (9am - 5pm)

During this consultation the only substantial comments received were from English Heritage, which the Inspector subsequently asked for the council's views on. A copy of the comments made by English Heritage, and the council's response, is provided below.

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The examination public hearing sessions that were due to commence on 24 June 2014 was cancelled due to no participants wishing to attend. The examination has continued by written representations only.

Council’s response to the Inspector

Inspector's letters

Council's response to Matters

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Blackhorse Lane Area Action Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 28 February 2014. This follows the statutory consultation on the proposed submission document.

View: Public Notice (24KB PDF file)

Submission documents

Other supporting documents


Evidence base documents

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This consultation is now closed

The Proposed Submission document was published for statutory consultation during the period 18 March to 29 April 2013.

Download the consultation documents below:

Preferred options stage Click to get info

The Preferred Options consultation was undertaken during the period 22 August to 30 September 2011.

View Notice of Plan Preparation (2MB PDF file)

Download the Preferred Options Document below:

Download background documents below:

Issues and options stage Click to get info

Consultation on this stage was carried out between the 25 February and 25 March 2011. A copy of the leaflet used during this consultation can be viewed below.

Supporting documents

The Area Action Plan is supported by an Urban Design Framework that provides detailed design guidance for sites in the Blackhorse Lane area. This can be viewed below: