Assets of community value

Planning and building control

If you think a particular building or land is of importance to the community, you can apply for it to become an asset of community value.

It gives you a greater chance to protect pubs or other places of local interest from development.

Who can make a nomination Click to get info

To nominate a property you need to be

  • a community group with at least 21 members
  • neighbourhood forum
  • charity organisation
  • parish council
  • an industrial and provident society, or company limited by guarantee which doesn’t distribute any profit it makes to its members
  • community interest company

If you’re an eligible group, you’ll need to apply in writing.

Download the nomination form here (212KB).

To meet legal requirements, your nomination must give us

  • a description of the nominated land and its proposed boundaries
  • names of current occupants of the land (if known)
  • names and current or last known addresses of all those holding a freehold or leasehold estate on the land (if known)
  • clear reasons why the council should list it as an asset of community value
  • evidence of the your eligibility to make a community nomination 

You can find full details of the process in Assets of community value (England) regulations 2012

A decision will be made within eight weeks of your nomination being submitted.

We’ll then make every effort to notify the owner and lawful occupants that the property is being considered for listing.

All comments they make will be carefully considered.

If an owner wishes to sell a registered property, an asset of community value status can give you six months to put together a bid to buy it.

Since the 6 April 2015, once a pub has been nominated as an asset of community value, their permitted development rights are suspended for 56 days.

If a nomination is then successful, those permitted development rights are removed.

This means any demolition or change of use would first need planning permission. And before any development can start, developers must write to the council to confirm if it has been nominated or registered as an asset of community value.

If you want to bid for a property

To express an interest in bidding for the asset, your community interest group should complete and return the below form.

Download the intention to bid form here

The legislation that introduces these changes can be viewed here.

Successful nominations will stay on the list for five years and be registered as a local land charge.

You’ll be given a full explanation.

And the property will be posted on a list of land nominated by unsuccessful community nominations

Where an owner wishes to dispose of an asset which is included in the list of assets of community value and not exempt from disposal, they must notify the council in writing of their intention to do so.

The council has received notification regarding the following asset

For further information about the disposal process see the progress chart here.