Appoint someone to handle your planning application

Planning and building control

You may want to appoint a professional (agent) to act on your behalf, if for example:

  • you aren't familiar with the planning process
  • your project is complex or controversial
  • your project involves particular design or conservation expertise

An agent can be anyone that you wish to appoint, for example a builder, architect, planning consultant, loft company or someone familiar with the planning process.

If you choose to use an agent for your application then:

  • all correspondence and enquiries will go through them
  • they will receive the decision notice
  • we will not discuss a case with an applicant where there is an agent

We will assume your agent has advised you about the risks that may arise if you do not follow our advice. Your agent should also be able to advise you about the foreseeable issues associated with your proposal. If you have any problems with your application, please contact your agent.

We aren't able to recommend a particular professional agent. We recommend that you seek advice from appropriately qualified professionals.

Professional bodies:

The title 'architect' is a protected title under UK law. Only those individuals listed on the Statutory Register of Architects can call themselves architects.

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