Apply for a licence to store building materials



You must have a licence to place building materials on any part of a highway. Licences are issued for durations of up to a month. The applicant can extend this before the granted licence expires.

Building materials

A licence is required for placing building materials on any part of a highway. Any such materials must be kept on private land if possible in which case a license is not required. Licences are only issued in exceptional circumstances for a period of up to 14 days. The applicant can apply to extend this before the granted license expires.

Scaffolding and hoarding

Any scaffold or hoarding which encroaches or projects over the Highway requires a scaffold permit. These permits are only issued to the scaffolding company.

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Builders' skips require a permit if they are to be placed on the highway. The council has the right to specify conditions relating to the position of highway skips. Skip permits can be applied for by skip owners or operating companies.

See skip operations registration.

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