Apply for a housing transfer/ exchange



Find out how you could transfer to a different property.

You can:

  • Apply for a transfer
  • Swap with other tenants across the country

How to apply for a housing transfer

If you are an existing Waltham Forest Housing tenant, you can apply for a transfer to a different property.

Apply for a transfer using the online application form.

Start a new transfer application or complete your unfinished application

Apply for a mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is the swapping of accommodation between two or more council tenants. 

It’s a permanent exchange, and you can’t move into an empty property.

Other benefits include:

  • It’s not based on your housing priority level.
  • You can still apply for a transfer at the same time as looking into mutual exchange. You can do both.
  • Properties aren’t just in Waltham Forest. You can look anywhere across the UK. 

Guide to re-housing council tenants in Waltham Forest

To apply, you need to be

  • a council and housing association/trust tenant with a secure tenancy
  • a housing association/trust tenant with an assured tenancy

Exchanges between tenants in leased or private rented accommodation is not allowed.

And you’ll need to get permission from your landlord before going ahead with an exchange.

Get permission to exchange

You can’t exchange without the council’s permission.

To get permission you need to make sure

  • everyone has a clear rent account
  • each tenant should be moving to a property of the correct size for their current housing needs. You’ll only be allowed to move into a property with a maximum of one bedroom more than you need.
  • if you have special needs, that you inform us of what these are and the home you’re moving to is suitable for you. You’ll need to be assessed for suitability by the council. 

How to find someone to exchange with

You can find your own exchange partners through friends and relatives.

But there are now many websites you can use, which are quicker and give you a wider range of properties.

Waltham Forest Council recommends HomeSwapper.

Visit the HomeSwapper website

You can find people to swap homes with across the UK. 

Alternative accommodation choices

You are strongly advised to consider other options for your future housing. 

We can provide you information and advice on the alternatives available to you.

Affordable home ownership

Discover lower-cost ways of owning your own home

Supported and sheltered housing

If you’re unable to support yourself independently, you may benefit from supported or sheltered housing.

Elsewhere in the UK

Homefinder UK aims to help homeless households and social housing tenants find a home anywhere across social housing.

Search for UK homes on Homefinder UK

Help completing online forms

If you don't have access to a computer, you can visit a Library Plus branch where you can use a self-service pc to log your request/report.  Staff are available to support you if you need it.​​​​​​​