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The local authority is responsible for processing applications for licences that are required for any display or temporary construction which may protrude or project over a public highway.

The maximum depth that the display can protrude over the public footway is 1.05metres (3feet 6inches), subject to 2.10 metre (7 feet) clear passageway between the edge of the display and the road (or any intervening pavement furniture such as a bollard or telephone box).

The council reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances, to allow a greater depth of display where the pavement is very wide, or a smaller depth of display where pedestrian footfall is very high.

All goods or equipment on display under the terms of the licence shall be kept within the area specified.

To allow for the safe passage of pedestrians beneath projections from frontage development, such as canopies, blinds, CCTV equipment, a minimum vertical clearance of 2.75 metres is required from the surface of the footway to the underside of any projection.

The council may alter this vertical clearance in exceptional cases.

If at a future date pavement furniture is added by the council, and the display area of the licence is affected, the licence will be reviewed or removed.

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Charges for licences will be dependent on the complexity of the application and would be advised on receipt of full details from the pre-application form.

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