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Following the consultation undertaken by Department for Transport (DfT), changes to the Disabled Blue Badge scheme will come into effect from 30 August 2019. These changes mean people with hidden disabilities will be granted access to the scheme too. The idea is that people with less obvious health conditions, such as autism, will have the same right to park in disabled bays as those with physical disabilities.


The new criteria will extend the current eligibility to include people who:

  • cannot undertake a journey without there being a risk of serious harm to their health or safety or that of any other person (such as young children with autism)
  • cannot undertake a journey without it causing them very considerable psychological distress
  • have very considerable difficulty when walking (both the physical act and experience of walking)

Check your eligibility and apply or renew a Blue Badge 

If you’re a Blue Badge holder, you can use your badge to park a car you’re driving, or a car in which you’re the passenger.

Only the Blue Badge holder can use the badge. It's a criminal offence to use someone else’s Blue Badge, or to drive a vehicle displaying a badge unless the badge holder is in the vehicle. There is a fine of up to £1,000.

Where can I park?

The rules on where Blue Badge holders can park vary depending on which Local Authority you park in.

For Waltham Forest, please download our Blue Badges parking guide (PDF 348KB)

If you're a resident within a controlled parking zone (CPZ) and hold a Blue Badge, you can also apply for a free annual resident parking permit.

Apply for a Blue Badge Click to get info

You can apply for a new or renew a Blue Badge on the GOV.UK website

An application cannot be processed until the £10 payment has been made. You can do this online or by phone on 020 8496 3000.

If your application is not successful, we’ll refund the fee.

There is no charge for replacement badges if the original card has been stolen or is faded. 

You’ll need to either:

  • give us a copy of the crime report with the crime reference number
  • return the faded badge

You can collect an application form from a Library Plus branch.

    Please send, or email, your completed application form and supporting evidence to our Mobility Team at the address in the contact section below.

    Or you can return it in person to a Library Plus branch

    Please don't send original documents.

    Once you've applied

    Please note that applications may take it may take up to 12 weeks to be processed. Failure to provide the payment and/or any requested documentation may cause further delays in processing an application also.


      Your Blue Badge must be displayed so it can be clearly read through the front windscreen.

      It must be:

      • on the vehicle's dashboard or fascia panel
      • so the front of the badge with the hologram is facing up
      • so the side showing the photograph is facing down

      It must not be:

      • faded or illegible through damage

      If this is the case, please request a replacement from us. 

      Displaying an illegible badge or incorrectly displaying the badge may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

      Parking clocks (discs)

      If you need to use a parking clock with your Blue Badge, you must display it so it can be clearly read through the front windscreen.

      It must be:

      • on the dashboard or fascia panel
      • set to show the quarter hour period during which you arrived

      It must not be:

      • used instead of, or without, the Blue Badge

      When to display parking clocks

      Type of parking bay What to display
      Waiting restrictions for three hours Badge and clock displayed to arrival time
      PaybyPhone bays Badge displayed
      Shared use bays Badge displayed
      Market trader bays for three hours  Badge and clock displayed to arrival time
      Short stay parking bays without time restrictions Badge displayed
      On street disabled bays max stay three hours, no return same day Badge and clock displayed to arrival time
      Car park disabled bays max stay three hours, no return same day Badge and clock displayed to arrival time
      Car parks, other bays without restrictions Badge displayed

      Contact Click to get info

      Please note, we are unable to see personal callers. 

      Mobility Team

      Waltham Forest Council
      Town Hall
      Forest Road
      E17 4JF 

      Phone: 020 8496 3000

      If you don't have access to a computer, you can visit a Library Plus branch where you can use a self-service PC to log your request or report. Staff are available to support you if you need it.​​​​​​​