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If you operate the following types of food businesses in Waltham Forest, you may require approval from us:

  • meat processing plants
  • meat preparation plants
  • minced meat processing operations and mechanically separated meat processing plants
  • cold stores

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You can apply online by completing and submitting the online form:

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Registration of an approved food premises establishment is required by law (Reg (EC) No.853/2004)

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No. It is in the public interest that Waltham Forest Council must process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from us within reasonable period contact us online if you applied through the UK welcome business website or use the contact details below:

Phone 020 8496 3000

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We would always advise that in the event of a complaint the first contact is made with the trader by you - preferably in the form a letter (with proof of delivery). If that has not worked, if you are located in the UK, Consumer Rights gives advice on your consumer rights. From outside the UK contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

Other complaints

Please contact the Council and ask for the food safety team in the first instance for matters concerning:

  • Licence holder redress
  • Failed application redress
  • Other redress - include other complaints relating to another aspect of the operation such as noise, pollution or public health

If you don't have access to a computer, you can visit a Library Plus branch where you can use a self-service pc to log your request/report.  Staff are available to support you if you need it.​​​​​​​

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Waltham Forest Licensing Section
Environment and Regeneration
Waltham Forest Council Sycamore House
Forest Road
E17 4SU
Phone: 020 8496 3000