Alcohol Awareness Week: 16 to 22 November 2020


The theme of Alcohol Awareness Week this year is Alcohol and mental health.

Recent research in Waltham Forest and nationally shows that the recent COVID-19 pandemic may cause people to drink more- A survey in Waltham Forest  showed that 68% of adults in Waltham Forest may be drinking above the NHS recommended limits of 14 units a week and that 33% of local residents have been drinking more than usual since March 2020.

Although alcohol can help us feel relaxed initially, the negative consequences of drinking a lot over a long period of time can be quite harmful to our mental health and can also cause physical changes to the brain, and difficulties reasoning, remembering and understanding

Here are a few tips to help you drink healthily

  • drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week on a regular basis
  • spread drinking evenly over 3 or more days
  • if you're pregnant or trying to become pregnant, the safest approach is to not drink alcohol at all to keep risks to your baby to a minimum
  • Drink low alcohol- or alcohol-free drinks and mocktails. These tastes great and make a great alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Take a short quiz with Drinkcoach to find out how much you are drinking and receive brief, free personalised advice by taking a two minute quiz.

Contact  CGL Waltham Forest if you are worried about yours or someone else’s drinking

  • For the adults service, Call 0203 826 9600 or email CGL
  • For the YP service call 0203 404 1098 or email CGL YP

Keep reading for information around more information around support available in Waltham Forest are below.


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We are asking organisations, schools, businesses and frontline staff to support campaign by displaying campaign resources (posters and leaflets) about healthy alcohol use, as well as support with identifying and making early referrals for support to clients and families you work with.

1. Attend Connecting London event organised by Change Grow Live services across the London area for Alcohol Awareness Week. More information on the full timetable

2. Download free digital resources for your networks, reception and waiting including:

3. Contact CGL Waltham Forest on 0203 826 9600 if you are concerned about a person you work with. CGL YP work offer information, advice and support to young people at a convenient location for the young person.

4. Take Alcohol identification and brief advice (IBA) online training for primary care, hospital, community pharmacy and dental staff. IBA helps professionals to identify those individuals whose drinking might impact their health, now or in the future and to deliver simple, structured advice aimed at reducing this risk. Research indicates that, if 8 people with high-risk drinking receive IBA, one of them will reduce their drinking significantly.

Audit C is a set of questions used across the country by health and care professionals to standardise their approach to asking about Alcohol and identifying if a person might need support or advice around drinking.  It’s very simple.  Everyone is asked the first three questions, and depending on their score, another set of simple questions are asked.  Using this questionnaire routinely helps to reduce stigma by treating all adults on an equal basis

Contact Laura Davidson for more information or for resources to support your campaign in your settings:

Factsheets below with important information on various topics relating to alcohol

Factsheets relating to how alcohol affects various health conditions.