Adopting in Waltham Forest

Children - 5-8 years_

If you’re aged 21 or over and can offer a child love and support in a stable and nurturing home, you can apply to adopt.

In Waltham Forest there are children of different ages and sibling groups from many different backgrounds who need homes.

Watch our video: Are children over 4 too old to be adopted?

Who can adopt?

We accept applications from single people, married and civil partnership couples, as well as unmarried couples, regardless of sexuality. You can own or rent your home, as long as there is space for a child to have a room of their own. You do not have to be in employment and can be from any borough, not only Waltham Forest. You can have any cultural or religious background.


To become an adoptive parent you will need:

  • patience
  • humour
  • energy
  • determination

We work in partnership with Coram Adoption as part of the Ambitious for Adoption regional adoption agency for children in their care waiting to be adopted. Coram Adoption consider potential families looking to adopt from across the capital and bring together shared expertise to help more children find the security of an adoptive family.

To enquire about or apply to become an adoptive parent please

Support Click to get info

Support is available to everyone who chooses to adopt a child through our service.

The Waltham Forest adoption support team will support all members of the family, both now and in the future, and can assist in referring to other services.

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Please contact us if you would like information about overseas adoption

Adoption virtual events Click to get info

Come to one of our online adoption information meetings to find out more about the adoption process. These are hosted via zoom.

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