Additional restrictions discretionary grants

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The window for applications for Phase 2 Additional Restrictions Discretionary Grants has now closed.

The demand for grants has exceeded the funding available and we have therefore closed the scheme prior to the published deadline of 19 February.

We will continue to evaluate applications already received and applicants will be notified of the outcome in due course.

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After an application has been submitted you will be sent an email confirming submission, this will contain a reference number starting with REQ. Please retain this number and use in any future correspondence. 

Using the information provided by you, we will carry out due diligence checks and review the evidence that you submitted to ensure the application qualifies.

How long will it take to pay a grant? 

We aim to complete due diligence within ten working days and you should allow at least an additional five working days for the banks to process payment.  

It is not possible to provide a precise turnaround time for payment as this is dependent on factors such as the number of applications received and the complexities of some businesses in relation to the eligibility criteria.  

Payments will be made to those who qualify by BACS. We will also write to you by email, stating the reasons, if your business does not qualify. 

What happens if my application is declined? 

Applications that do not sufficiently evidence eligibility for a grant will be declined.  

Applicants will receive an email setting out the reasons and where appropriate may be asked to submit a new application, provided improved evidence can be produced. 

Who should I contact if I haven’t heard about my grant? 

We expect to receive a high number of enquiries asking for updates and we recognise how vital these grants are to you – however we have limited capacity to respond to update requests, which takes focus away from processing grants. 

If it is more than 15 days since you have applied for a grant, or if you have other queries about the Local Restrictions Discretionary Grant, please contact us. 

Unless it has been more than 15 working days since your application, we will not be able to provide you with an update on the status of your application. 

Beware of scammers Click to get info

Please beware of third parties offering to act on your behalf for a fee. The grant application process is free, straightforward and only requires you to provide information already available to you. Businesses should not need to pay third parties to access a grant. 

Scam emails are also being sent to businesses, falsely claiming to be from the Council, saying that businesses have been paid grants in error and they need to returned and include bank details for payments to be made. These emails should be ignored.