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Taking care of your mental wellbeing is very important now more than ever especially because most people may be at home and isolated, and some of us may be dealing with the difficulties of loss or watching the news of people dying around us.

5 Ways to Wellbeing are five recommended actions that research has shown we can all do to support personal wellbeing, help us feel good and prevent mental health problems during difficult times. These actions are:

  • Connect
  • Keep learning
  • Be Active
  • Take Notice and
  • Give

Read on to find out more about how you can incorporate these 5 actions to your everyday life even in the current climate while at home. Read stories from our residents about how they are taking care of their wellbeing and their community during the lockdown.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed,

Visit our Covid-19 webpages for information about further Covid-19 related services and activities in Waltham Forest that can help you and your family. 

Connect Click to get info

Social connections with people around us: colleagues, friends, family and loved ones. can make us feel happier. Here’s some ideas for how you can connect more even while at home

  • Make time to check on friends, family and colleagues- this could be a quick conversation by telephone or face to face meeting over video calls
  • Don’t forget to check on those who may live on their own and may be particularly affected by social isolation at this time
  • Vitually attend social events and take up opportunities for meeting new people including the ones taking place virtually during the lockdown
  • Waltham Forest Culture has now launched Virtual Culture Programme 2020 where residents can access varied cultural activities from the comfort of their homes
  • Contact Good Samaritans if you are worried and need to talk or contact Waltham Forest Talking Therapies if you are feeling anxious or depressed

Keep learning Click to get info

Continually mastering new skills, improves self-esteem and reduces depression and anxiety. Now is the perfect time to learn that language you have always wanted to 

Waltham Forest Adult Learning service have a variety of courses you can get involved in ranging from creative courses, business and administration to gardening. The team also support with apprenticeships where people can get qualified whilst earning.

  • Sign up for a class and learn something new with WFALS including online classes
  • Get support starting up a new business
  • Join the Free Bags of Taste virtual cooking course.  Please email: registration@bagsoftaste.org or telephone 07923 248 586

Be active Click to get info

Physical activity such as walking, jogging, exercise and sports not only great for our physical health but is known to be one of the best ways to make you look and feel good.

Take notice Click to get info

Taking time out to reflect on our experiences, being aware of our feelings, what matters to us and the beautiful world around us can help us be more self-aware and foster our values and happiness. Taking notice of our surroundings can seem difficult during quarantine but here are some ideas you can still enjoy while at home:

  • Notice the seasons changing in your garden, local parks, or out of your window.
  • Taking notice is also about taking time to reflect on what matters most to you
  • This is a good time to reflect on what makes you happy, your passions likes and dislikes.
  • Take free online mindfulness training on the Good Thinking website

Give Click to get info

Giving or volunteering your time, resources or ideas to a cause you are passionate about, can be very rewarding and lead to a feeling of being useful and appreciated by others and has been shown to improve our feeling of happiness. Remember that by taking care of ourselves we are better equipped to take care of those we love and care about. Here are a few opportunities to volunteer your time for during the covid-19 epidemic:

  • Give time to a friend or family member and listen to how they are and what is going on for them.  
  • Find ways you can help through our Community Help Network. Voluntary activities may include delivering food via foot or car, packing at food banks, administration and phone contact for those isolating.
  • If you are able to, donate to one of the many charities supporting people during this difficult time.

Mental Health is everyone’s business. We are encouraging all our residents, staff and partners to support our campaign by sharing the following resources amongst your network. 

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